Wrap-up method, how to summarize your year.

We find creating timelines of our experiences very useful. It opens up for great discussions and helps us see our past on paper and what we want in the future. Thats why we want to share and encourage you to try it.

You need:
A roll of paper, post-its and marker pens.

Build a timeline and map out your highs and lows of this year

  1. Roll out a long piece of paper. Write the months (January to December) at the very top of the paper. (see image below)
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Reflect upon your highs and lows

  1. Take 10–15 minutes to reflect upon your individual highest and lowest periods.
    Ask yourself:
    - What can I do to prevent lows to occur?
    - What do I need from the team when it happens?
    - What do I feel when the highs occurs, and how can I sustain them?
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Set up goals for 2016

  1. Based on your previous reflection, take another 10 minutes to reflect upon what actions you should take to maximize your highs and minimize your lows.
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Merry x-mas 🎅

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