every blessing ignored becomes a curse

The above title is a quote from The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho. I’m currently reading this book for the second time and so many truths are being revealed and resurfaced. This statement is particularly powerful because no matter where you are in life I feel like it’s always an area of improvement. I won’t be long but I want to cover a couple /situations this idea can help you exponentially.

  1. Your blessings are doors to more blessings- I’ve had times in my life where I’ve complained about not having resources or the network to do what I want career wise. I let the stress and pressure of everyday life cloud my vision not realizing I may know someone that can help me get closer to the goal I have. Sometimes it’s a bunch of small steps instead of a giant leap that get you to that next point.
  2. Ignoring Blessings never leads to positive thinking- If you’re not being grateful you’re usually complaining or getting down on yourself. This is never helpful and is always harmful. If we can focus more on our blessings we will have a healthy mindset that let’s us make the right moves to more blessings. I believe that most winners don’t view themselves as losers, because they focus on the blessings.
  3. We make curses exist- We proclaim our life to be cursed, and create a narrative under false pretense that doesn’t reflect us in the same light that Jesus see’s us. You are blessed but when you ignore that identity you believe the lie that you’re cursed start to believe a lie that you’re someone you actually aren’t

I hope this encouraged someone and you’re able to see yourself for who you are. If you are reading this I want you to know that your are amazing, beautiful, and blessed. Let me know what blessings you’re focusing on this week and hit that heart button if you have friends that could benefit from this.

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