Morning Practices that Start Your Day Off Right

Every day is a gift. A blank slate to write on. The choices you make in the first moments after waking up can impact your energy, effectiveness, and mood for the entire day. I am a big fan of morning practices and encourage you to create one of your own.

Here are some fun ideas for starting your morning off right:

  • Wiggle your toes and smile
  • Snuggle with your pets or people
  • Stretch or do yoga
  • Express gratitude for the gift of another day
  • Enjoy spiritual time (journal, meditate, pray)
  • Set an intention for the day
  • Go outside and listen to nature
  • Read something motivational or uplifting
  • Visualize your day evolving with ease and grace
  • Say an affirmation, your core values, or a mantra that inspires you
  • Send loving energy out to the world and then direct it toward yourself
  • Listen to music and/or dance

What would you add to the list? Do you have a favorite morning practice already? I would love to hear what you have to say.

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