Paraguay Monkey Trap

This is a story about letting go and generosity

The problems a village in Paraguay are grappling with are far different from ours.

The monkeys sneak in to the village, forage, then slip away with much needed food supplies. To relocate the little theives, villagers strategically place clever traps.

The trap consists of a coconut, one hole burrowed through each end, contents drained. A piece of food is then slipped through one of the openings, followed by a long rope, in one side and out the other. Finally, the cocount container is tied to a tree trunk.

When a monkey comes along, skirting the village perimeter, he finds the coconut treasure, slides his hand inside, grasps the morsel in his hand, and…










Determined, the monkey tries with no success to free himself and the snack. He won’t let go of his treasure. The cocunut won’t let go of his fist. He grapples and barks in frustsration until finally a villager comes along, frees the trap from the tree along with the monkey, and transports them both to an area far enough away the monkey will not find his way back.

The irony is that if the monkey would only let go of the snack, he would be free. Loosen his fist, and his hand will slide back through the hole.

But he won’t. He won’t let go. So he’s trapped.

Food for thought

While we struggle to time our morning commute, remember that we are out of ketchup when we go to the store, or weigh the pros and cons of taking ZzzQuill, these Paraguayans are fending off monkeys.

The solution is so simple. For the villagers and for the monkey.

So next time you are feeling trapped, consider what manouvers you can take to free yourself. Pause. Let go. Give.

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