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1 Huge Blogging Opportunity Most Writers Are Missing Out On

I published a post a while back where I shared how I got 1,000 subscribers on a LinkedIn newsletter in 5 hours.

Uh, what?

I also shared that this first newsletter got more views in two hours than my Medium post of the same headline did in a week.

Neera said that she got more subscribers on her LinkedIn newsletter in 14 hours than she did with Substack in 14 months.

What’s a LinkedIn newsletter?

They’re articles. Yep. They’re articles that you publish on LinkedIn.

And LinkedIn absolutely GASSES them up in the algorithm, giving you, bloggers, substantially more reach than you get on Medium or Substack.

Wanna hear the truth?

LinkedIn is the best place for long-form content these days.

Wow, is THE Medium guy really saying this right now?

Look, Medium still gives decent reach, but compared to my Medium posts, my LinkedIn articles get 4x the reach.

While I don’t think Medium is a waste of time, I do believe that other platforms can get you way more views.. like LINKEDIN.

I don’t think you’ll become a viral sensation on LinkedIn overnight, but I promise that you can triple or quadruple the views you’re currently getting on Medium easily.


I’ve taken 300 writers through a daily posting routine on LinkedIn, and many of them averaged 1,000 views per post AT MINIMUM.

Sasja got over 1,000,000 views for this post about her Dad.

I’ll be honest: It’s really not that hard to build a following on LinkedIn. It’s the best kept secret on the internet. I’ve been publishing there since 2017 and I’ve racked up 17,000 followers and millions of views so far. I can guarantee that this is also possible for you.

That’s why I created the The 30-Day LinkedIn Sprint, a program that helps you create 30 stunning posts beside a supportive group of other creators.

The LinkedIn 30-Day Sprint gives you the easiest way to get views online and build a writing habit. It’s basically a shortcut, since together our group supports one another’s posts, every day, in real time.

The next sprint starts on May 9th, 2022.

And the doors close for this cohort TOMORROW at 5 PM.

Inside the next 30-Day LinkedIn Sprint, I’ll teach you exactly how to write viral posts on LinkedIn and grow a following on a platform that hasn’t had any major algorithm change since 2017. No lie.

It’s a step-by-step process that takes you from 0 likes to 20+ likes per post (and thousands of views).

Also, you can just copy + paste your Medium articles into LinkedIn newsletters. Crazy, right?

Make sure to join us now.

Also, I’m giving away my Medium Mastery course and LinkedIn Mastery course for free to anybody who signs up before the doors close tomorrow.

That’s a $500 value.

I Want To Learn More About The May LinkedIn Sprint

Tom Kuegler

P.S. If you have a question about this sprint, just send me an email (



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