10 Kickass Resources To Find Work While Traveling (Even If You Aren’t A Freelancer)

So I’m a Digital Nomad, that’s no secret. There’s 13,000 articles out there teaching people how to work remotely, but most have to do with becoming a freelancer of some sort.

What about people who don’t have the resources and skills to become a freelance writer/fill-in-the-blank just yet?

I was one of those people two years ago. I built up my writing resume slowly but surely, but not all of us have that time.

Sometimes we just need to go. Travelers/aspiring travelers get this. We don’t care how we do it — if that’s scrubbing floors in some random restaurant for money to fund our journey, then so be it.

So how do you do it? Luckily I have a few resources for you to look into!


Workaway.info is a place to find hosts to live with. You live with them (and also get fed) in exchange for work. There’s more than 26,000 hosts to choose from in 155 countries, which is pretty substantial.

To get started, visit their site and read all their information.

Teach Away

Yet another resource for aspiring travelers, Teach Away is a viable option for those who want to teach languages overseas and abroad.

The only problem is, many of the jobs require a Bachelor’s degree. If you’re just getting out of college and have a serious itch to travel, you need to hit up Teach Away.

Many positions offer great pay, benefits, and other offerings. Check out the site and see for yourself.

Couch Surfing

If you want to take the “work” out of the above headline, Couch Surfing is an interesting resource for finding FREE places to stay.

Yes, I said FREE.

I’ve used it before, and I suggest creating a profile and requesting hosts as far in advance as possible. Since they’re being helpful and offering up their couch to you, it’s nice to give them plenty of time to make a decision.

I must say, though, that you need to be careful. Only book with people that have a ton of reviews and are somewhat trustworthy. I would use Couch Surfing IN ADDITION TO the other resources I highlight here.

Hostelling International USA

Strictly for U.S. travelers, Hostelling International USA shows positions for those wanting to volunteer at hostels here in the states.

While this isn’t really useful for people who want to travel somewhere other than the United States, it could be a good opportunity for those that do.

Besides, if you’re American and you’ve never seen Utah, California, Montana, or even Arizona yet, you should strongly think about seeing these states before you go anywhere else. Take it from me.


Oh look! German Craigslist! Yes, CL can be a good spot to look for part-time work in the United States as well as abroad.

Here’s a link to the UK version of Craigslist. They have a ton of temp jobs that you could hop all over — go ahead and give it a try.

Gap Year

Gap Year! Yet another cool place to find temporary work while traveling abroad. From part-time bartending to working in villages in Tanzania, you can find a wide range of extremely interesting options here.

Visit their temporary job board here, and surf the rest of their site for other resources to plan your trip.

Backdoor Jobs

Backdoor Jobs is for the more adventurous soul out there. They have a wide array of outdoor jobs in numerous countries, so if you’re one of those people who has a degree in Adventure Education (or any degree, honestly), this might be a cool place to look!

Visit the site here.

Anywork Anywhere

Don’t let the 2005-style website fool you. Anywork Anywhere has a nice selection of jobs that can be broken up by job type and country. Want to go to Mexico? They have a nice selection of one-off jobs you can apply for.

Note that some positions are only open during certain times of the year, while some are ongoing.

Check it out here!

Just Winging It!

Guys, I HIGHLY recommend you read this article below, especially the section where she talks about just winging it. There’s many jobs (such as farm work, hostel work, substitute teaching, etc.) that you might be able to land just by getting your butt out there without a plan and talking to people.

Before you read about my additional resources below, take a look at this one.


Airbnb is the best thing since sliced bread. I could write an entire article on why I love it so much (maybe I will), but for now I’ll just tell you that it’s pretty affordable.

If you stay for a week somewhere, there’s a weekly discount, and if you stay for a month, there’s an even more substantial discount. This will allow you to stay in certain places while you look for temp work, especially if you book a month-long stay somewhere.

You’ll find that most month-long stays are about the typical cost of rent. I’m serious.

Oh, and click on the picture above to get some free travel credit if you want.


I used Hostelworld extensively on my road trip this past summer. With access to 33,000 properties in 170 countries, it’s really the go-to for me. I will definitely use it again.

All you do to book is pay a small deposit, and then pay the rest when you get there. This is so useful if you want to get a job at a certain hostel and get a gist of how it feels to live there.

That’s it, guys! Like I wrote before, I wrote an ebook going over life on the road. If you want to peer into my lifestyle as a Digital Nomad even more, you can download the ebook below by clicking on the image.

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