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Ria Pawar
Jan 3 · 5 min read
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It’s not about how smart you are, it’s about how you are smart

Quoting Jim Kwik from whom I draw much of this article, this statement has the power to change your life.

So let it.

Jim Kwik is a world-renowned speed reader and memory expert who teaches you to enhance the power of your brain. He says he’s an ordinary guy who ditched school and scurried to comic books for learning and wanted to discover his superpower despite adversaries. (Sounds cool right?)

Read his story here.

The same guy gave me some simple tips to improve brain performance, the fuel that we’ve all been seeking for increased productivity.

1. Eat Right


I know it’s choking you. It’s been said A LOT. But it’s true.

Photo by Melissa Belanger on Unsplash

So I’m making this short.

a)Salmon, wild caught fish, Walnuts- Omega 3 rich.

Key Takeaway- Your brain contains omega 3 so that’s what it needs. Easy?

b) Blueberries- Contains antioxidants which strengthen the connection between brain cells.

c) Brocolli- Protects against age-decline.

d) Eggs- Vitamin B6, B12. Contains Choline, important neurotransmitter to boost memory.

Key Takeaway- Improves memory

Make a small change to your diet.

Add one of these to your grocery list.

2. Kill ANTS


Automatic Negative Thoughts will destroy your confidence.

It will lead to self-doubt the killer of all your dreams. At the end of it all you might look like all’s well but your feeling like a deflated balloon inside.

Take some time out and go shopping inside your head.

Weed out the destructive thoughts.

According to a study done by psychologist Richard Petty of Ohio State University, one tends to have a more positive self-image when one physically writes and trashes negative thoughts.

TRASH negative thoughts. Give your mind some breathing space.

3. Exercise

Sweat it out.

It’s the best mood booster if you’re feeling low and need some quick dose of energy.

A study done by researchers at British Columbia reveal aerobic exercises have said to increase the size of the hippocampus the area of the brain responsible for verbal memory and learning.

This research comes at an important juncture in time wherein a new case of dementia is being reported every 4 seconds globally. Do you need more reasons to pick up on your favorite activity?

4. Increase Your Intake Of Brain Nutrients

Image Courtesy-Naturalfoodseries

Omega 3 fatty acids found in fatty fish, eggs, walnuts, green leafy vegetables are extremely essential for improving brain power.

Flavonoids found in berries are your friends. Keep them handy.

They lead to the effective functioning of electrical signals within the brain cells preventing cognitive decline and deadly diseases like Alzheimers and dementia.

5. Keep Tabs On Your Social Circle

You are who you spend the most time with.

Make this your brain tattoo.

It’s mine for 2019.

Be around positive, well-meaning friends who lift you to greater heights.

As Oprah Winfrey said,

I surround myself with people who are smarter than I am. It was my lawyer who told me I could start my own show and it’s then that I realized that I hadn’t even thought of it!

6. Declutter Your Environment

As Kwik says, ‘Clarity is power.’

And I couldn’t agree more.

Let your mind be free to do your most productive work. Weigh down your subconscious by clearing out your desk, your wardrobe and anything you find messy.

Your physical surroundings affect your mind space, and considering your attentional span can break in 40 seconds you need to watch what weighs heavy in your head.

7. Sleep

Photo by Gregory Pappas on Unsplash

Whatever your magic hour is 7, 8 or 9 you will know it. If you cannot wake up in the morning, feel sleepy in the afternoon or even sleep in five minutes of getting into your bed, it is all a result of sleep deprivation.

You need to correct your sleeping habits as bad patterns will dip your mood, reduce alertness and is said to disturb cardiovascular functions.

Make sure you know your magic hour. It will help you do your days best work.

8. Protect Your Brain

This is the simplest. Yet the most ignored.

Shield yourself from unnecessary damage.

When you're on your bike, doing adventure sports make sure you are properly geared up.

9. Be A Life Long Learner

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Keep yourself mentally active at ANY AGE.

Who better to take lessons from than the Alzheimers Foundation. Here are a few tips-

  1. Stay curious and mentally involved
  2. Read, write or solve crossword puzzles
  3. Maintain a garden
  4. Play Games
  5. Enroll at a community center to learn a new skill or hobby
  6. Try memory exercises

I think this works for everyone.

Do you think you're mentally active?

Not exhausted. Active.

You aren't? What are you going to do about it?

10. Manage Stress Like a Pro

Stress in the body produces cortisol which has adverse effects on your brain.

Though some amount of stress is good often termed as eustress, chronic stress can shrink the size of your brain, impair memory and make you severely depressed.

If you are feeling stressed out acknowledge the reason for your stress and ACT.

Do something about it.

Gaur Gopal Das an Indian monk recently shared this when he was stressed out about a certain situation in his life.

Precisely my point.

Learn to manage your stress it will make your brain work for you.

The intention of starting the New Year with this article is pretty clear.

I wish for you to be more productive and focused and what better way to start the year than knowing and assisting your body and mind to do so.

Wishing you luck and I sincerely hope you have the greatest year ahead.

Happy Reading!

The Post-Grad Survival Guide

We're confused twenty-somethings. We dish on our post-grad blues, successes, failures, and everyday life right here. Featuring topics related to work, relationships, travel, finances, and so much more.

Ria Pawar

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Ria Pawar

Curious about self-help not only by writing about it but also living by example.

The Post-Grad Survival Guide

We're confused twenty-somethings. We dish on our post-grad blues, successes, failures, and everyday life right here. Featuring topics related to work, relationships, travel, finances, and so much more.

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