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3 steps to start your own business on LinkedIn

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Hey everybody!

This Wednesday at 2 PM EST, I’m putting on a free live training about LinkedIn!

It’s called How to create a 5-figure business on LinkedIn.

I’m inviting you to join me.

So, what will you learn?

  • How I average 4,000 views per post on LinkedIn
  • How to use LinkedIn to drive email subscribers
  • Why LinkedIn is perfectly suited for generating business
  • How dozens of my students have used LinkedIn to fulfill their own goals

In the last year, I’ve put on five LinkedIn Sprints. They’re programs where I take a group of creators through a daily posting routine on LinkedIn for 30 days straight.

They’re tough, but also ridiculously rewarding for our participants.

Over 400 people have joined us, and most of our participants are referrals from past sprinters.

I’m really proud of that.

Anyway, I’m really known as the LinkedIn content guy. But in the last few months I’ve discovered a tool that’s changed how I use LinkedIn.

It’s actually helped me generate over 5 figures in revenue, and guess what?

None of the LinkedIn gurus are teaching this strategy.

Because I invented it.

It’s the full package.

It’s marketing AND selling.

And I haven’t seen anybody teaching this strategy yet.

So I cordially invite you to come learn a little bit more about it.

You can sign up right here. :)

I hope to see you there! Cheers!

Tom Kuegler



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