3 Ways Multitasking Destroys Your Brain

It doesn’t take a genius to realize multitasking isn’t the greatest thing in the world. Texting while driving is a known safety hazard — but did you know listening to music also severely cuts attention span?

It’s true.

Our brains just weren’t designed to focus on two things at once. In fact, only two percent of the human population can physically do it. Thank their genes. Oh, and they’re probably female too. So for all the males reading this, you’re probably not in that two percent percentile.

What happens to our brain when we multitask, though? Let’s dive deeper into the facts.

1.Dopamine floods our system

Every time we complete an action, such as sending a tweet or replying to a text message, our brain rewards us with a dopamine dump. Since dopamine makes us happy, we want more of it — thus we respond by multitasking more and more. This wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, except….

2. Multitasking makes it hard to organize thoughts

A University of London study showed that subjects who multitasked saw significant drops in IQ. In fact, their cognitive function was similar to people who smoked marijuana or lost a nights sleep. This is not a good way to be productive at all.

3. Possible permament brain damage

The University of Sussex found that multitasking subjects had less brain density in the anterior cingulate cortex. This part of the brain helps us empathize and show emotional control.

The only problem is the research wasn’t detailed enough to definitively say multitasking was to blame. Regardless, multitasking still affects our brains in considerable ways.

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