4 Ways to Make More Money as a Freelance Writer

Don’t become complacent

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Whether you’re a seasoned freelance writer or just starting out, making money is difficult without a full-fledged client list. As someone who started freelancing in November and is still learning the ropes, these are the best suggestions I have in order to make more money while valuing your time.

1. Accept projects unfamiliar (and interesting) to you

Part of being a freelancer is getting approached to work on a variety of strange projects. Some of these projects will fall within your skillset and others will be new experiences.

If you are confident in your ability to learn how to complete a new project and you find it interesting, accept the request. New projects are a great way to build your resume and find new services to offer future clients.

However, do not accept projects you know how to do if you dislike them. As a social media manager, I often get approached for social media-related positions. I dislike building brands for other people because I want to focus on my own, personal brand. Because of this, I decline projects even though I know how to do them well.

2. Branch out and offer your services on different platforms to diversify and increase your income

As many of my readers know, I receive the majority of my income from this website and one client. Neither platform is a reliable source of income long-term, as monetization policies change and contracts end.

I recently made the decision to branch out and offer my services on Fiverr.

In the beginning, I ran a promotion offering blog posts and profile reviews for $5. I currently command a price of $15 per project and have netted $124 in less than a month. With 12 clients and a near-perfect seller rating, Fiverr is working out well for me. I aim to build this income stream to a steady $200/month and see where it goes from there.

Although an extra $124 this month is certainly a highlight, what’s more important to me is that I’ve found another platform with which to diversify my income. As a freelancer, it’s important not to rely on one client or website, and with Fiverr added to my repertoire I am slowly building my portfolio of income streams.

3. Offer fewer extras and deliver more than promised

When I first started out working directly with clients, I offered a lot of extra services alongside the main one I provided. I would spend hours frantically trying to deliver what I promised, often working more hours than planned. Clients would rightfully expect all these extras, as that’s what they paid for.

Recently, I’ve started offering fewer extras. For instance, on Fiverr, I promise a 400-word profile review. The client purchases this review and expects 400-words. However, I’ve found many times I cannot fit the review into a 400-word document, and I end up gifting them a few extra hundred words, free of charge.

I am able to tell the client I went above and beyond what was promised, and they are much happier receiving a “bonus” vs. only getting what was promised. This translates to happier clients and better client relationships, as well as the occasional tip.

4. Don’t become complacent

I am learning this lesson right now. I’ve only published one article on here this month thus far, and I’m already miles ahead of other months in earnings. I’ve got it in my head that I need to earn at least $100 here every month in order to be in the top % of writers.

However, if I were posting three times a week like I used to do, I would probably be in the $300-$400/month range by now. I need to stop giving myself a writing vacation when I hit my old goal, and instead strive for new, stretch goals. Expect to see more articles from me in the coming months.

Don’t become comfortable, both as a freelancer and in life in general. You never know when you’ll need a few extra dollars or to use a skillset you haven’t refreshed in years.

Final thoughts

Perhaps the most important tip for freelancing and for life is to not become too comfortable with where you are now. You can enjoy what you have, but be aware that circumstances are fleeting. Constantly learning and evolving will help you to succeed when stumbling across new experiencing and pursuing larger goals.

Remember not to overexert yourself on anyone’s behalf but your own, regardless of the monetary reward. Always put yourself first. At the end of the day, you live with yourself and want to be happy with who you are and how you live. Don’t become rich if it makes you miserable.

Living a happier life as a freelance writer. Learn more about me on my website: https://rachelyerks.com/about/ Follow me! ⤵

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