5 Things You Should Do Before Graduating

I graduated last year and the journey to finding my own path, building a career, and building a brand was not easy.

Along the way, I’ve met people who became my mentors. They’ve taught me many valuable life and business lessons. These are a few that really sticks out because I wished I’ve done more of them in college.

Start Networking

“You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most.”

That’s being said so much because it’s true. The people around you subconsciously shape your behavior.

When you’re in school, you (most likely) hang out with peers with the same mindset. Networking allows you to broaden your social range, build on your soft skills, and open you to various opportunities.

I’ve connected with many people through networking and got opportunities to interview people for EntrepWorld.


I even found a job through someone I met at a networking event!

Do Internships

Take on as many internships as possible while still in college to build an impressive portfolio.

Not only does it look good on your resume/CV, you will obtain experiences that many of your peers missed out on! That’s a solid way to stand out from the crowd of thousands of fresh graduates. Plus, you’ll know whether that’s something you want to do after graduation.

Sad to say, I wish I did that in college. It would have saved so much of my time after college. Without experience, I aimlessly wandered around trying to get a job that I wanted.

Start a side hustle

Being in school is THE TIME to start a business.


You’re in a safe zone. If your business fails while you are still in college, that’s okay! Once you’ve graduated, you start to worry because pressures and social norms start to build. When you’ve been out of school for years, even worse.

I’m not saying that it’s impossible to start a business after graduation. Businesses can start at any time. But it will be easier for you to start in college.

Side hustler makes most of his income via affiliate marketing


Volunteering looks amazing on your CV. It shows that you are willing to contribute to the society and manage your time well. It leaves a great impression on the employers. Especially if they are big on corporate social responsibility.

Also, volunteering allows you to meet new people! It exposes you to a wider range of knowledge and environment. You will never know what you might learn from the experiences of volunteering.

Put Up Content

Document; Don’t Create
- Gary Vaynerchuk

Start documenting your journey- the ups and downs. This provides a great way to keep track of your goals and accomplishments. It doesn’t matter if you are just an average Joe. Building a personal blog and writing about your daily challenges can help people who go through the same experiences.

Another benefit of a personal blog is it creates a personal brand for you. In this age and time, that’s all we talk about. Branding is important when you are on the rise to be successful. In order for people to be successful, they need to be known. And you can start with a personal blog.

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