50 Lessons from 50 Months of Freelancing

Don’t make mistakes other people already made

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Tip 1: Create a Website

Tip #2: Build Cash Reserves for 6 Months

Tip 3: Document Everything

Tip 4: Use Automation

Tip 5: Outsource Things You’re Not Good At

Tip 6: Make Sure You Know Exactly What You’re Looking For

Tip 7: Give Proper Access

Tip 8: Expect to Do More

Tip 9: Never Stop Learning

Tip 10: To Be Productive, You Need a Productivity System

Tip 11: Expect People to Not Understand You

Tip 12: Avoid the Freelancing Vicious Cycle

Tip 13: Focus on Fundamental Principles, Not Individual Tactics

Tip 14: Your Customers Are the Reason You Exist

Tip 15: Be Someone Your Customers Would Love to Do Business With, Not Because They Have To

Tip 16: Focus on Your Strengths, Rather Than Covering Your Weaknesses

Tip 17: Know the Difference Between a Problem and a Constraint

Tip 18: Don’t Under-Promise and Over-Deliver

Tip 19: Use Your Website to Generate Leads

Tip 20: Show Up

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Screenshot of Author’s Google Search Console Data

Tip 21: Figure Out How You Work — Fast

Tip 22: Allot Blocks of Time to Do Your Work

Tip 23: Learn to Use a Calendar

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Screenshot of Author’s Calendar

Tip 24: Do Things You’re Not Comfortable Doing

Tip 25: Find a Support Group

Tip 26: Learn to Look at Opportunity Costs

Tip 27: Invest in Yourself

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Screenshot by Author of Ulysses Writing App

Tip 28: Don’t Sacrifice Health

Tip 29: You Don’t Need Fancy Gadgets

Tip 30: Don’t Manage Costs, You Cut Them

Tip 31: Productize Your Service

Tip 32: Learn How to Do Value-Based Pricing

Tip 33: You Are a Business

Tip 34: You Still Have a Boss

Tip 35: Time Flies Fast

Tip 36: Prepare for the Unexpected

Tip 37: A Different Mindset on Expenses

Tip 38: Nothing’s Wrong with Asking for Help

Tip 39: Celebrate the Small Wins

Tip 40: Find Other Sources of Income

Tip 41: Don’t Forget About Taxes and Other Obligations

Tip 42: Get Insurance

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Photo by Author of a car crashing into an apartment

Tip 43: Track Your Expenses

Tip 44: Don’t Spend What You Don’t Have

Tip 45: Build Your Own Routines and Rituals

Tip 46: You Can Grow Beyond a One-(Wo)Man Team

Tip 47: Get to Know Your Clients’ Industry

Tip 48: Don’t Be Afraid to Say Yes

Tip 49: It’s Also Okay to Say No

Tip 50: You Can Make a Career Out of Freelancing

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The Mini Post-Grad Survival Guide

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