7 Tips for Building an Incredibly Fulfilling Career

Here’s what it takes to be happy with your work

1. Keep experimenting throughout your entire career

Add something to your work life. Take on additional responsibility wherever possible. Do stuff that allows you to grow.

2. Set a specific goal and don’t get distracted

It only makes sense to make major changes in your work life if you are not currently on a path that is in line with your long-term goals.

3. Make realistic assumptions about your work situation

Gain a realistic understanding of the market situation. Set your expectations accordingly.

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4. Hold yourself accountable for your actions every single day

5. Understand that to progress, you must provide value for others

If you want a promotion, then you must first provide sufficient value for your boss. Likewise, if you want to inrease your revenue, then you must produce better results for your customers.

6. Discover your own sweet spot where you can spend most of your time in the flow state

It is during the flow state that you forget all sense of time and simply work in a state of deep concentration. This is also the most satisfying part of your job.

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7. Become a legend in your own tiny world

Choose a small field and then become so good at it that no way leads around you for anyone coming into contact with that space.


Realistic goal + measurable progress = deeply fulfilling career

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