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An Inside Look at Working in a Pandemic

6 stories that lift the lid on the reality of working in a global pandemic

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It’s been a truly unprecedented year, most notably with the arrival of the COVID pandemic.

For those of us lucky to still be employed, the world of work was turned upside down, with many moving remote, or having strange, and most uncomfortable, restrictions enforced upon them in their day to day working life.

But what’s it really like to work in pandemic?

Well, we recently put out a call for stories to answer that very question, and more importantly, offer a message of hope to others in the same position.

And today, we’re over the moon to launch the ‘Working in a Pandemic’ series. We’ve got a teacher. A digital nomad. A writer. A dentist. A bookstore worker. And someone starting their first every career 9–5. 6 different stories, all with a message of hope to others.

  1. Mackenzie Ross casts a very honest assessment of what it’s like to put your own health on the line, to teach kids during a pandemic — I Didn’t Sign up to Die for Your Education
  2. Lis Kanzler was working at a travel startup, remotely. A bad combination when COVID arrived — Surviving a Pandemic as a Digital Nomad
  3. Christopher Soriano opens up about working in a bookshop, and questions whether it really was ‘essential work,’ and what lies ahead for the industry. — The Reality of Working in a Bookstore During a Pandemic
  4. Michelle Middleton was a dentist in the one of the worst hit areas. And then, she decided to change careers — Why I’m Walking Away From a Recession-Proof Career
  5. Our very own Tom Kuegler talks about being a writer during a pandemic, and tries to come to terms with the fact that almost nothing’s has changed for him, despite the way it has affected everyone else — What It’s Like to Work as a Writer During a Pandemic
  6. Ruth Matthews shares some hard lessons learned from starting her first career job, 100% remote — 5 Truths Learned From Working a 9–5 in a Global Pandemic

We hope you enjoy these stories as much as we enjoyed working with the authors to produce them.

Stay safe

The Post-Grad team.

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