About The Post-Grad Survival Guide (Part 2)

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On October 31st, 2016, I published the first story in the Post-Grad Survival Guide. It was this one:

Little did I know that nine months later we’d have 3,100 followers, an entire magazine published, and countless people who take value from what I and so many other talented writers post here every weekday.

The Post-Grad Survival Guide is about hope. Yeah, we write about finding a job, starting your own business, and maintaining our relationships, but what we’re really dealing with is giving you HOPE.

Hope that the future can and will be bright.

Hope that while the world does seem so big and intimidating after you graduate, you DO have the power to make your life extraordinary.

Over these nine months I’ve gotten to know career experts, recruiters, and entrepreneurs from all around the world.

It’s been a place of love and encouragement for 3,000 people and growing.

How insane is that?

The many messages I’ve received from recent graduates and survivors from all over have exceeded my expectations. This place is needed more than I originally thought.

So, What Exactly Is The Post-Grad Survival Guide?

It’s a Medium publication designed specifically for recent graduates that publishes one article every weekday.

We publish posts on how to answer certain interview questions:

We publish brutally honest posts about our struggles in the real world:

Most of all, we publish stories designed to help you feel encouraged:

This Is The Guide!

Through publishing hundreds of stories over the course of 30+ weeks we slowly but surely found our voice.

And we’re just getting started.

Recently we started our own Facebook Group called The Post-Grad Survivors. It’s a place where you can ask questions of the many career experts, recruiters, and entrepreneurs I’ve met over the last nine months.

Feel free to join right now!

We also came out with the flagship issue of the Post-Grad Survival Guide Magazine, and even published another one in September!

Take a look at it right here.

I hope you give us a follow here on Medium, and I also hope you see what’s happening with us over on Twitter.

We have BIG plans for the future, including rumblings of a podcast, YouTube channel, and Webinars with some of the awesome people I’ve met so far.

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading.

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