Allow Yourself To Fail And See What Happens

When I got out of college I met a wall of failure.

Literally I found somebody rejecting me everywhere I went. Because of this I started to develop a lot of animosity towards employers and older people in general.

I hated being told what I could and couldn’t do — so I started freelance writing. I had no bosses, I was my own!

However this wasn’t the end of my problems. Out on your own, especially in a field you know nothing about, you need to learn a ton of stuff quickly. I quite honestly had no clue what I was doing, so I started to reach out to people and ask questions.

I can’t tell you how nervous I was to hit the send button on those emails. They’re going to see I don’t know what I’m talking about. They won’t take me seriously, I thought. It was as if my entire life depended on sending this email or something. But you know what I realized?

It doesn’t freaking matter.

If someone makes you feel inferior for asking a dumb question, or even ignores you, then whatever, you know? There’s literally 7 billion people on this planet — chances are there’s someone out there who wants to help.

I realized that I needed to risk failing, or looking like a moron, to succeed. Fast forward a little bit, and I’m now writing at The Huffington Post just one year later. And guess what? I still cold email people all the time, and I’ve also found that most people look far superior than they actually are.

So go out there and fail. Ask dumb questions. Risk looking like an idiot, because I’ve found that most people won’t treat you bad at all, and will help you without asking for anything in return.