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Letter sent on May 5, 2017

An Update On Your Application

This week we had a few great pieces published on the Post-Grad Survival Guide. Like this one:

The Truth Is You Need To Stop Applying And Start Traveling

How’s that for an update on your application? Here’s a quick piece of advice: Stop applying so much and start traveling more. Summer’s coming up. Plan a nice trip somewhere — you deserve it.

Guess what guys? There’s a place where there’s more jobs than candidates, and it’s Vancouver, BC. Recruiter Semira Amiralai gives us the scoop into what’s happening in this Canadian “Candidate Market.”

It’s Time To Know Your Worth As A Candidate In The Job Market

We also got all sentimental on you and decided to drop a piece about love on you. Peep it below.

Read This When You Forget You Love Her

We hope you enjoy all these pieces, and more pieces to come in the future by our brilliant contributors. If you want to contribute and get your work in front of 2,200 eyes and counting, drop me an email at the postgradsurvivalguide@gmail.com expressing your interest.

Thanks for reading!

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