Build Your Online Infrastructure Now

The Web is a building ground for artists & entrepreneurs.

In this day of digital nomads, dreamers, and tech-savvy millennials, the internet becomes more universal by the second—right now, someone somewhere is embarking on a wishful online endeavor.

Seriously! But you’re smart, you already knew that, didn’t you?

On the side

I think of quirky job categories ranging from author, photographer, and musician, all the way to e-commerce, web developer, and virtual consultant. While it’s great we have SO MUCH opportunity, there’s a catch…

“How the hell do you know what to do next?”

There’s a ridiculous amount of “experts” and online advisors pulling you in every which direction. It’s actually pretty frustrating:

Hey, so you wanna start X career? Great, go this way — I’ll show ya!

Dude, don’t listen to that guy… Take the route I took because look at all the cool accolades I have! This is the way, trust me.

Those two are idiots. If you don’t start right here and do this, you will never make it. Once you do that, you’ll also want to learn about X. Then you’re well on your way.

Psssh, ever felt that narrative in real time?

I have, and let me tell you, it’s soul-crushing; makes the whole shabang appear overly scatterbrained and rather helpless. You feel defeated before you start… you second-guess if it’s even worth it…

Yes, it’s fucking worth it.

But you gotta understand no one is looking out for you in the long game.

It’s about your drive, your ability to adapt, and what YOU decide to do with every bit of your energy.

Ground Zero

I like to think of the Web as a sort of building ground, completely invisible and infinite.

The Web extends beyond forever, ignoring constructs of historical logic. It’s this weird, man-made technology and it cascades the entire world… but you can’t see it.

It sort of sounds like a riddle 😂

But once you do “see it,” you start to treat the internet as a real, tangible space to make things and build value.

Open yourself up to the idea for new “infrastructure” on this property.

Plant your seeds now.

I’m a blogger and bloggers blog — everyday, content writers collectively add 10 kabillion-jakillion GB of data to the online world… okay, that’s not a real number. But, if I sit here and contemplate how many other people do what I do, I’ll sike myself out.


Start your podcast.

Slap your logo on a piece of clothing.

Make a separate account for your “business.”

Record your world.

Just create and see what happens!

Point is, you can earn a spot on this ground… it’s not too late. Once you get a taste for selling your own digital commodity, you’ll only feel more motivated to create.

I got a question

What drives someone to make things and put them online? Like there’s no class you take throughout standard education called “online creation 101.”

Deep down, I think we all have a natural yearn to connect with other people; we’ve all got a creative itch somewhere inside of us.

Well, guess what? The internet is the ultimate backscratcher. This biz is still so new to the world; it’s yet to become entirely saturated and there’s opportunity everywhere.


Another question

What drives someone to really create and get serious about it? I mean like “doing” every single day, to the point where it becomes ingrained in your routine.

What becomes the motivation then?

To me, this is where true talent and drive meets powerful vision.

People like me have incredible vision.

If you can relate to my age group (millennials unite), we inadvertently learned about using the internet while growing up.

For me as a writer, I think back to basic computer classes I took in middle school (2007). The system was like “Here, learn how to type, and send email, and use resources.”

Looking back now, I think to myself:

Oh wow, I’m like sort of akin to this shit. I was taught to use these tools to my advantage.

And as young adults, it’s exciting to realize we have some sort of prowess over technology — we have an unfair advantage over those just one or two generations before us.


Remember when I said the Web was like an invisible playground for artists and entrepreneurs? Oh yeah.

You need to make things. Yes, I said “you need to.” Do it, start now kid.

It’s very simple: If you create or provide people with some sort of information they either enjoy, learn, or find value in, then you are moving in the right direction.

Once you say enough, do enough, or own enough online, your work starts to provide for itself.

The key is to start though.

You can’t be afraid to speak up, work hard, and fight for more.

Go after it — then keep going and build it, brick by brick.

- AZ

Bored, uneducated, homeless — em dashes are my specialty. I write what I see, think, and feel. That’s it.

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