Change How You Treat People And Others Will Follow

One year ago I met my brother’s girlfriend. I didn’t like her almost immediately. It was just something about her, you know?

Further than that, my parents didn’t like her either. We all thought she was a bit over-dramatic about stuff and was telling my brother flat-out lies about her past drama-filled experiences.

In a sentence, we thought she needed constant attention — and luckily for her, my brother gave it to her by the boatload.

Every time she came over you would’ve thought we were having the Grim Reaper as our guest. My parents and I would always look at each other annoyed just wishing the evening would end already.

She just seemed so fake to me. In all honesty she still does, but that’s starting to change.

A peculiar thing started happening, oh I don’t know, maybe two months ago with my parents. They started treating her like a normal human being.

I could tell, too. My Mom ain’t never greeted someone at the door like that before! It was the weirdest thing. I can always tell my Mom is trying to please someone when her voice raises by a few octaves.

Even my Dad started to come around.

I would make nasty comments about her right in front of him and he would say “She’s not that bad,” without fail.

Sooner or later I started to shut up about the damn thing, and would just go upstairs to my room whenever she came over.

I’d hear their laughter from underneath the closed door and turn on my music to drown it out. Boy, was I a sour grape.

I started noticing a change from deep inside me, though. I started feeling guilty. I woudn’t even look at her anymore. I would barely let out a “hello” whenever she’d walk in. I became angry and bitter about the whole thing. I got much, much worse

But just as I thought I couldn’t get any worse (trust me), I started changing, too. I started to warm up to her.

You know why?

Because my environment changed. My parents’ changed mindset had an effect on me, too. At first I was as bitter as I could be, but sooner or later I accepted the direction the winds of change were blowing.

I didn’t know this, but it was only a matter of time.

And that really goes everybody, I think. Anyone can come around if enough people change their mindset on an issue, a person, or even an entire race of people.

And you know what the coolest thing is? It only takes one person to start it.

That’s why I have faith in humanity — because I have faith in the power of one person, too. In the end, that’s all it takes.

If you want to change how someone is treated, first change yourself. Others will follow alongside you before you know it.

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