Dinner with LeBron James

Not the dinner we eat!

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Disclaimer: Although this is not about the actual dinner, where we eat food, I will relate it to the figurative dinner I am talking about.

Did you have dinner today? Or are you going to?

Of course, most of us did or will have it soon enough.

Does your dinner feel like a king’s feast every day?

Of course, not. Only once in a while. Sometimes. Either it is a gathering for a function or you get a surprise from your parents who throw a lavish dinner randomly, because, hey, who hates surprises?

The Point

I have a simple point to make. You cannot even have a lavish dinner every day and even if you do, you will get bored very soon. That I can promise you. If you cannot control your dinner, how can you possibly control the best days in your life?

This life, no matter who gave it, may be in our possession for some time. We may make the choices but we will get what is rightfully ours at the right time. You can put in efforts (dinner analogy) daily, but not every day will be a luxurious chicken and pork day with lots of desserts and alcohol.

One big win at the dinner is a great collaboration.

You need to keep eating broccoli and beans for most of the life but you will get your barbeque periodically. If you sit there and do nothing, you will not even get the beans.

If you are a writer like me, keep writing articles no matter what. You don’t have to think that you are writing bad or you will write bad. Keep writing with your standards high and transparency. Let the audience decide which ones are amazing and which ones are crappy. In this crappy business, you will get your best articles. Trust me. Out of all the articles I have written in the last two years, only two have got a little traction. That’s it and I still cannot believe I am writing.

I only had barbeque two times in these two years.

Yes, that can mean two things: Either I am a shitty writer or I don’t write that much. Actually, both are true. I used to write shitty. I wanted to get views and subscribers and followers so I turned to clickbaits. And I didn’t write very often. You can understand.

I am happy about one thing though — I did not write those two articles with the intention of clickbait. I still remember the feeling I had at the time of writing those posts. I was kind of upset and tired of faking it. I just wanted to put it on the table, as it is. But, don’t get fooled. These feelings, you cannot control them. I tried and I failed. Only once in a while do these feelings visit you and you need to respect them. Treat them like an elegant and beautiful lady. Give her a good time until SHE decides to leave.

It is the same as you having your dinner. Once in a while if you decide to have a romantic dinner with your partner or a special family dinner, have a good time while it is there. You never know when again are you going to have a dinner like this. What if you have to leave city? What if your child has to go to another city for college? What if you get too busy? There can be multiple reasons, some of them I don’t want to discuss here but you understand. Life is fragile.

There is a catch. Unlike your literal dinner, which you control, you cannot control your figurative dinner. You can only put in the efforts and time, but there are no guarantees whether your dinner will arrive soon or later, or worse — will it even arrive? Life is unfair. You can work your butt off your whole life and still nothing.

There is a catch again. No matter what happens, it is never about the outcome. Even if you do not get a favorable outcome, a lavish dinner, do not worry because it was never about the outcome. What mattered is that you learned. If you do not get the dinner you deserve here, you can use your knowledge to get it somewhere else.

Thus, no matter what happens, you never lose. You either win or you learn. Isn’t it worth it?

Death Crawl Scene — Facing The Giants

Life is too short to live in regrets.

Whatever you do, do not let anyone tell you that you cannot do it.

If you want something, go get it. Period.

Yes, I know what the hard part is for most of us. It is not that we will fail. Fear of failure is real but failure of embarrassment is severe. Maybe you have a spouse who looks up to you and you don’t want to disappoint them, so you never even try. Sometimes it is the whole society you are scared of. ‘What if go for the Olympics and do not win a medal? These people will never accept me.’

Let me tell you this:

People are people. They will say. They have to say. If they don’t say bad, there won’t be any good coming out of their mouths either. It is what they do, that is why they are in the bleachers and you in the field.

Keep trying to basket. You will miss, shot after shot. They will laugh, every time you try. Once in a while you will hit the basket and they will call you lucky. Don’t hark. Keep shooting. As hard as they were laughing, one day they will be clapping hard because now you don’t only eat royalty food, you share it with them too. They are a part of your dinner table now.

The only problem is, they are not going to get their own food. You have to feed them with amazing food. If you start playing bad again, they will leave the table because hey, who wants to eat rice and beans with you if LeBron James is serving turkey!


Sun is not moon and you don’t have a spoon. So, do not eat your dinner until it’s after noon.

I will see you soon.

Thanks for reading! :)

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