Does It Really Matter What People Think If You’re Successful?

As long as you’re getting yours, right?

“They’re a hack.”

I hear that all the time about certain creators. I hear this sometimes, too:

“Their stuff is useless. They’re copying everybody. They seem like a jerk.”

Let’s face it, some people on the internet are just a lightning rod for negativity. Most times they do it to themselves, and it makes me wonder just how they can mentally handle the day-in-and-day-out tsunami that is the comments from their detractors.

Then it hit me.

Maybe they just don’t care.

Maybe they’re psychopathic when it comes to comments online.

Furthermore if they’re making money, and if they don’t care, then why do they need to do anything else than laugh all the way to the bank and drink our tears from a sippy straw?

It’s a worthwhile question to ask and to discuss.

Is Money The End Game?

I’ve heard of writers making upwards of $20,000 in a single month before. Some of them may or may not, depending on where you’re standing, be all that “legit.”

The writers I hear about seem to be not just disliked, but loathed by the people around me.

And yet they continue doing what they’re doing. These writers know EXACTLY what they’re doing, too. They’re not stupid if they make close to $20,000 in a single month.

So why don’t they stop? Why don’t they do things that’ll help them be liked more by those around them?

Well, they just don’t care about your feelings.

Think about it, if you could grab $20,000 from a sack and all you had to do was give up the favor of some people you’ve never met before, would you do it?

You’ll never have to face them. You could block them, in fact.

If I could’ve grabbed $20,000 from a sack two years ago, I would’ve been able to pay off half my student loans in a flash.

It’s Hard To Not Care, Though

In my estimation, a lot of people would rather have fame than fortune. And I’m not talking about Donald Trump fame, I’m talking about Leonardo Dicaprio fame where basically everyone likes them and they’re seen as a “good person.”

You might argue with me on that point, and that’s fine, but I must tell you that a lot of the questions I get from readers deal more with “how do I get over what people might think of this,” than “how do I make the most money possible?

We are slaves to what people think of us.

So when someone comes along and “games the system,” thus alienating pretty much everybody around them and making stacks of cash in the process, we get jealous.

We get jealous oddly enough not because of the stacks of cash and the fame, we also get jealous because they’re doing something we could never in a million years do..

Not care.

They have figured out how to log in to the internet, write a post, then log off and not give a single damn about a single word that anyone they’ve never met (and never will meet) says.

All the while they log in to their bank account and see the money pouring in.

To me, that’s what we’re really jealous about.

How could someone just not care? I’d be a lot less jealous of someone if they revealed to me that the negative comments really get to them. They could be Kim Kardashian levels of famous with Bentley’s and Ferrari’s and 40 mansions and I’d still feel bad for them if they told me the comments hurt them.

But when someone just doesn’t care?

That’s when the jealousy really kicks into overdrive for a lot of people.

They’re doing all three:

  1. Making money.
  2. Getting famous.
  3. Not caring about your stupid little opinion.

I’ve Seen Pretty Ridiculous Levels Of This In Action Before

There’s a group of vloggers here in the Philippines who do all types of crazy stuff. One time a guy vlogged his Dad’s death and funeral.

I’d say 70% of the comments underneath that Youtube video went along the lines of “How could you do that?! I can’t believe you used your Dad’s funeral for views.”

He was doing exactly that, yet he didn’t care. All this person cared about was more fame — he didn’t care whether it was good or bad, he just wanted more.

There are people who will quite literally film every second of their life and upload it to the internet. They sacrifice their personal life and exploit their time above ground here on earth for the views.

Is that even worth it?

It depends on what you value.

My point is people can and will do ridiculous things to get famous (and rich). And there are some who take it a step further and willingly sacrifice the favor of those around them to get even more fame.

So the next time we see someone doing well and we wonder how in the world they can live with all the nasty comments they get, we just need to remember one thing:

They don’t care.

And before you judge them and call them all types of names you need to ask yourself “Would I grab a bag of $20,000 if it meant hundreds of people on the internet would hate me forever?”

Imagine the money in front of you. Imagine all the things it could help you buy. Imagine all the people you’ve never met and will never meet who will hate you (but who you can also block at any second).

The Internet Isn’t Real Sometimes

The internet just isn’t real sometimes. I’ve had people comment on my videos who completely miss the obvious point of what I was saying. They write paragraph upon paragraph trashing me and my opinion, while it’s painfully clear they didn’t watch my whole video.

I’ve had people write stuff that doesn’t make any sense. I’ve had people write stuff that makes me question their sanity. They sure are angry, though. Even on videos where I’m not stirring up any drama, they get angry about something.

My old Aunt who’s about two coughs away from being a ghost was horrified that I said I liked San Francisco. “That liberal city?!” she said. If I didn’t know any better I’d think she’d want to perform an exorcism.

She’s crazy.

What’s funnier is that when she tells my extended family about my wickedness, some of them actually take her seriously. Look, I like San Francisco because it’s the most beautiful city in America, not because seemingly everyone likes to eat vegan food out there and vote democrat.

And yes, I know about the homeless people.

She’s just nuts. And the internet is full of people like my aunt. They’re absolutely crazy. Can you fault someone for choosing not to care about the opinions of people who have the time to write a 1,000-word essay response to a 3-minute video they didn’t watch?

In a world like this I often ask myself why should I care? If 50% will like me, and the other 50% will misinterpret what I said, why do I need to give a damn what they think?

I don’t need to. And neither do all the writers you hate. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing doesn’t matter — what matters is the truth. And the truth is, these writers are laughing all the way to the bank..

And a part of me doesn’t blame them.

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