Earnings from 30 Days on Fiverr as a Freelance Writer

Statistics, takeaways, and questionable clients

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As many of you know, I started selling gigs on Fiverr. Doing so is part of my long-term plan to diversify my income so that a large chunk of my monthly income is not coming from a single source.

Previously, I wrote a couple of articles about my adventures on Fiverr in order to let everyone know what I’ve been up to and to see if they would want to try out Fiverr for themselves. It’s also a great marketing strategy, so I’ve been told.

Without further ado, here are my statistics and takeaways from 30 days on Fiverr. I hope this will help you to determine if you want to start a Fiverr “shop”. My next article regarding Fiverr will be at the three-month mark, or when I think of more gigs to offer, whichever comes first.

Statistics from 30 days on Fiverr

Earnings chart showing 30 days, with new projects ordered and earnings from completed projects.
Earnings chart showing 30 days, with new projects ordered and earnings from completed projects.
Graph of my earnings from 30 days on Fiverr. [Overall, I earned $124, but it is erroneously displaying $116 as it takes a while to update.]

I know many of you are only here for the statistics, so I’ll get them out in the open first. For my first 30 days on Fiverr, I had:

  • $124 net earnings after Fiverr took its 20%
  • 12 clients [1 was my best friend]
  • 11 perfect, 5-star ratings, and one 4.7-star rating
  • 8 blog post orders
  • 3 Medium profile review orders
  • 1 custom proofreading order [this was a fun change, I’ll be offering this as a regular gig soon]

Great clients and my newly discovered client strategy

The vast majority of my Fiverr clients are very nice and I love talking to them. I assume this trend is mainly due to the fact that half of them are my readers and we talk in the comments frequently. I’m not a random stranger they’re ordering blog posts and profile reviews from on the internet.

I started off offering $5 blog posts and they were snatched up like hotcakes. After the first week and a half, I cemented my prices and no longer offered discounts to one-time clients. It wouldn’t be sustainable to continue this practice considering the amount of time I put into each blog post, but it was definitely the right move in the beginning.

A strategy I developed by accident is to overdeliver on occasion. If I’m writing a blog post and it goes over the word count as I’m finishing my train of thought, I mention that I included extra words free of charge in my final write-up. Clients really appreciate this, and I once received a 100% tip because of this practice.

Addressing common issues with client requests

Although the vast majority of clients are very straightforward with their requests and directions, some issues do arise. Often these issues are related to misunderstandings, but I occasionally do get people who attempt to take advantage of my rates. I’d like to clarify that these people are few and far between, and are typically from Fiverr, not Medium.

Sometimes clients will ask for extras after submitting payment, which isn’t completely unreasonable. However, clients are able to rate their experience with a seller based on the final product they receive, which means they hold a lot of the power in the buy/sell relationship. If the client pays for one thing and expects another, even if what they paid for is exactly as described, they are still able to give you a poor rating. I can’t tell if a client is making an innocent request or is being malicious, so I immediately cancel these orders unless the client truly seems apologetic after I address the issue.

Another semi-common theme I’ve seen is potential clients trying to get discounts in return for repeat business. I have yet to have a repeat customer, though people have tried to manipulate my prices with the promise of returning. When I decline, these people usually don’t order anything at all. If I did have a customer return and pay full price for their second order, then I would be willing to consider offering a discount on their future orders.

Overall Fiverr Experience

I really enjoy offering services on Fiverr. I will continue to do so as long as it is rewarding to me, both in terms of earnings and as an interesting topic to write about. If you are considering selling on Fiverr, here are my main takeaways.


  • I get to work with my Medium audience and offer them products through a secure, third-party vendor.
  • Fiverr is incredibly straightforward and has great visibility for gigs if you market correctly when you first start out on the platform.
  • In my experience, Fiverr is a great, reliable income stream to add to your money-making portfolio.
  • Remote work fits perfectly within most lifestyles.
  • I am able to write about my Fiverr offerings on Medium and gain more clients through this form of marketing.


  • Fiverr takes 20% of your earnings, including your tips.
  • People will try to take advantage of you, much like on any selling platform.
  • The client has to agree to a cancellation request or not respond to your request for two days in order to cancel a project. I imagine spamming the cancel button would eventually get Fiverr’s attention.
  • Clients can purchase a gig and ask for something completely unrelated in the notes section of their purchase. If you fail to provide this extra and do not cancel the order, you may get a bad rating.

Final thoughts

Do not be discouraged by the cons I listed. Although Fiverr takes 20%, I still managed to make $124 in 30 days. I’m on day 32 as of writing this article, and I’m now standing at $152 net earnings. Fiverr is a great way to make some spending money or a bit extra to put into your savings.

Let me know in the comments if you want me to look over your Fiverr shop — I’ll give you some [free] pointers if you ask!

Thank you to all of my readers and clients who have supported my journey so far. I can honestly say every single client I’ve had has been a pleasure to work with. I wouldn’t have been able to have such a successful first month on Fiverr without the overwhelming support I received from everyone here, so thank you again to both my readers and my reader-clients.

Disclaimer: My Fiverr offerings fluctuate monthly and may be different from the ones mentioned in this article.

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