Easily Design A Stunning Resume With This Resume Tool

Last week I introduced ya’ll to Jobscan, an application that compares your resume word-by-word to the wording in the job description. It’s pretty freaking sweet, and you all must have thought so, too. It’s becoming one of the best-performing articles the Guide has ever put out.

So I’m here this week to introduce you to another resume tool. It’s called Kickresume.

While Jobscan was created specifically for analyzing resumes, Kickresume is for designing them. And they are beautiful, man. Like this one:

Kickresume won’t give you percentages, word-by-word analytics, or any kind of tangible data about how well your resume is written, but that’s not what it’s here to do.

It’s here to help you design a resume that stands out.

They even do Cover Letters, which balance flare and usefulness pretty perfectly.

They also offer the ability for customers to create their own personal website with domain name and hosting included.

Basically they can make your resume, cover letter, and personal website look as good as your work experience. Which makes perfect sense, right? Your experience is already good enough, and it needs to stand out in the crowded stack of resumes and cover letters on the Hiring Managers desk.

They also have a blog, a free ebook, and a grammer-checking service for those who want to get professional eyes on their resume for extra peace of mind.

With the value they offer, I think it’s a worthy investment for any job seeker serious about getting employed quickly.

If you want to try creating your resume for free, they have a free option, but if you want to get access to premium layouts, a personal website, and cover letter layouts, it’s $15 per month.

Oh, and you can also play a game (for free) that will tell you what jobs you’ll most likely enjoy.

Make sure to check it out, as well as Jobscan!

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