Failure Is The Norm In Blogging — Get Used To It

“assorted-color markers in glass jar” by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

Who the hell was I to be angry?

Every video has the same style. The same setup. I go through the same process for each one because, guess what — it works!

First Off, Failures Are The Norm

When you’re dealing with creative work, simply put, nobody knows for sure what’s going to work. Casey Neistat once said he had no idea how to make viral videos despite making dozens of them over the last 10 years.

You Can Try Again Tomorrow

Experiment First, Go Viral Second

I try something new with every project, even if it’s a little thing, just to see what happens.

I could’ve wrestled a fantastic match in high school for 5 minutes and 30 seconds, but if I made ONE mistake in the last 30 seconds, I could get tossed to my back and pinned.

Your Work Wasn’t Bad, It Just Wasn’t Shareable

I’ve gotten better as a video creator over the last 6 videos I made — despite them not performing well. I’ve learned editing tricks and REALLY put more time into each one.

Think Of Your Work In Chunks, Not One-Off Projects

Or I could divide $3,000 by 50 hours or so — the time it took me to make the 7 videos SINCE my last viral hit, and come up with a completely different calculation.

Listen, It’s Okay To Get Upset By Performance..

Some people downplay giving a damn about statistics and to a certain extent I think you shouldn’t care.. but I also do think caring can give you the drive to try harder and experiment and, therefore, grow.



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