How A Popular Article I Wrote Won Me An Interview With ‘NowThis’

You ever see those “NowThis” videos on Facebook?

Here’s what they look like:

I’ve seen them from time to time, and I always thought they were the perfect example of what “native” video should look like on Facebook.

To my delightful surprise, I received a message from one of their media managers about doing an interview with them this past Monday morning.

What a surprise!

I won’t go into much detail about the behind the scenes stuff, but we corresponded, had an interview, and now I’m waiting to receive any further instruction to help out the process from here.

But how did I get to this position?

This by many accounts is my first interview with a major media publication, and marks a bit of a turning point in my blogging life.

I’m not saying this event will lead to exuberance, success, and a lifetime of happiness — but it does give me a lot of credibility, and will definitely be mentioned in articles/posts moving forward.

Maybe somebody else will reach out to interview me! Who knows. Either way, I’m just happy I’m being mentioned at all.

So, to get back to the question, how did I get here?

I’ll tell you.

I Did Some Cool Sh*t

I’m not saying I’m a cool person, because I’m really not. I’m quite boring in person, actually.

What I am saying is a 4-month cross-country road trip is pretty awesome! It excited the hell out of me.

I knew that if it excited me, it would probably inspire somebody else.

My whole plan was to blog about it and broadcast my thoughts for the world to see. I wanted to be an example. I wanted to be seen doing this through the good times, bad times, and the ugly times.

It comes down to this:

You’re not going to get interviewed by anyone if you haven’t done something noteworthy.

We all have the opportunity to do something noteworthy in our lives! If I can do it — an awkward introverted 24-year-old from Baltimore, Maryland — you can, too.

I Built Up An Audience

I love writing. That’s why you see my articles here every weekday.

If you write every day, even when you’re a dimwit like me, you’re bound to pick up some sort of an audience over time.

Without an audience to read about my trip, nobody would’ve known.

I’m sure there’s so many people out there with trips and stories 500 times better than mine, but they just haven’t told anyone about them outside their friends and family.

It’s all about platform, which brings me to my next point.

I Told My Story On A Platform

I write at The Mission. Every week I contribute one story there because they have about 365,00+ followers and I want to get a piece of that action, you feel me?

The articles I post on The Mission ALWAYS get me a couple thousand views.

Every single time.

In fact, it’s because of an article at The Mission that the representative from NowThis spoke to me in the first place!

This is the power of using a platform to your advantage.

Platforms are also the reason I’m so excited about being featured at NowThis! They have millions of followers. Their videos gets hundreds of thousands of views (and sometimes shares).

The articles I post here at The Guide get a fraction of the views that I get at The Mission, but I just love you guys so gosh darn much I can’t stop posting here.

I get more engagement here. I see the same people liking the same articles and it makes me feel good. I have a community — a home base here — if you will.

I see The Mission as an amazing publication I can contribute great content to in exchange for a very large audience. This can sometimes reap incredible benefits, and it’s also why you as a writer should try to get into every major publication you can.

Scrap for it. Build a relationship with the editor. Do everything you can.

Once you get in, you’ve solved the problem of finding an audience for your writing in an instant.

Publish, Publish, and Publish

The last part is publishing and waiting. Landing interviews is not going to happen immediately. It took me a good 10+ articles published at The Mission over the course of a couple months for anyone to take interest.

Just be patient.

All it takes is one email to hit your inbox and the world can shift dramatically.

In a nutshell, that’s how I got an interview with NowThis. Do you have any fifteen-minutes-of-fame stories? Please share them below! :)

I am a 24-year-old Digital Nomad who travels a lot. If you’re interested in learning more about my lifestyle, download my free ebook, You Work Where?

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