How I Made $800+ on My First Month on Upwork

By leveraging my writing and editing skills

Photo: Mikayla Mallek/Unsplash

Exactly one year ago, I was burnt out and ready to change career paths. After dedicating half of my life (17 years) to medicine and seeing my physical health and sanity slowly deteriorate, enough was enough. I had to find something else to fill my time, preferably something just as financially lucrative as dentistry.




Life in your 20s and beyond. A Medium publication focused on Work, Freelancing, Money and Life Advice.

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Are You Sabotaging Your Freelance Career?

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Adriana Sim

Adriana Sim

In the process of GYST’ing and following my intuition. Gave up a career in medicine to pursue writing, blogging, and, most of all, living.

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