How I Paid Off $14,383.15 of Credit Card Debt in 366 Days

And managed to buy a house at the same time

Declan Wilson
The Post-Grad Survival Guide


Photo: Ales Nesetril/Unsplash

While most people awoke the morning of January 1st, 2020 — blissfully unaware of the dumpster fire ahead — I awoke in a panic.

No, I was not some psychic capable of predicting the horrible events of 2020, I awoke in a panic because of another number.


After a major repair on our aging car, moving to a new city, going a month without a paycheck, and two years of poor spending habits, our credit card debt had ballooned out of control.

On January 1, 2021, exactly 366 days later (2020 was a leap year) that number was $0.

Credit card debt (red) vs Cash on hand (blue)

How we paid off over $14,000 in a year’s time is the focus of this article, an article I’ve been dreaming of writing for a year now.

While other “pay off debt” articles place emphasis on making big sacrifices such as moving back in with your parents, brewing your own coffee, and living the life of a monastic minimalist, my wife and I took a different approach.