How To Answer ‘Why Are You The Best Candidate For The Job?’

This answer was originally published by Recruiter Semira Amiralai on Quora. She’s graciously allowed me to publish it on The Post-Grad Survival Guide under a new headline and format.

I wouldn’t fall into the trap of labeling one’s self as the “best”.

Here the interviewers are looking for you to sell them on you. What’s best and what’s right for the role are interrelated but also different on various spectrums.

I suggest you present a humble reply; that is, by recognizing the greatness of other candidates equally vying for the role, you’ll stand out in a positive manner. More so than by suggesting the spotlight be on you as the best.

My Perspective on a Strong Response

Answer with:

I appreciate being considered for the opportunity and understand that there are, surely, many great candidates who’re equally hopeful to be selected.
I bring, this, this, and that through my many years in here/there/wherever. Some of my peers may mention the following traits if asked to describe me: this/this/and that. These characteristics align well with the requirements of this opportunity. Further, I’m eager to this/this/andthat and know that opportunity will be experienced here.
What I’m also looking forward to with your team is the following: blahblahblah. Based on what I’ve read and know about this company, I’d endorse it confidently. This makes me a brand ambassador and there’s no greater feeling than being a part of a company you’d eagerly endorse.
I’m sure many other candidates may bring other skills that would be of great value. The above traits qualify me as the right candidate for this opportunity and I’m committed to proving this upon hire.


Frankly, there may be better candidates for any given role. What will sell the difference is attitude and personability; sometimes known as the likeability factor. It’s often the deciding factor and must be authentic.

Authenticity is essential; people want to feel that, experience that… and know to trust that. This is very rare in our modern-day, information society where Instagram rankings of millions and millions question the conscious awakening and awareness of the human species.

So, go in with humility, confidence, a great attitude and authenticity. Remain focused on the key requirements of the role; show this, and trust that such soft skills beat out hard skills any day.

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