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How To Properly Work From Home

It’s Harder Than You Think

This is what I dreamt of when I still had my dreaded day job. I craved for the day when I can finally work from home in my pajamas and lounge around the bed.

When I got that dream, it was far from reality.

For those who work from home, you know how hard it is to get anything done.

How can you work in a bed when you associate it with resting and sex? How can I work on the dinner table when I associate it with eating and relaxed conversations?

I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I mean it’s easier to work on something when I’m situated in a place where I associate it with work. This can take in the form of office space or a local cafe.

For the past weeks, me and my wife decided that we should exclusively work outside and treat entrepreneurship as our day job. We made a pact to give it the time and effort as we have given our careers before. We go to work 9–5 old school style. It worked, and we were able to get more things done, compared to before when it was freestyle, and we didn’t have a set time and place.

But something happened this week — typhoon season. My morning gets cancelled, and we can’t get out to work. So back to square one — working from home.

Here are a couple of things to make working from home easier.

1. Dress Up

I found it easier to work from home when I take myself seriously. I dress up the part and look like I was going.

Pajamas and boxers are out of the equation.

It’s surprising how changing our outfits can help us improve our inner state. You can ask people around you, compare how they’d feel about you when you wear a suit versus wearing your tank top and board shorts. A massive difference I’d say.

Don’t wear a suit when you work from home, but get a nice shirt and pants. I know it sounds stupid but try it and see.

2. Find your Workspace

Avoid working in spaces where you frequent the most at home. Stay away from the bed or dining table.

My workspace is a little table we have under the television. We use it hold the remote, camera, or keys. I don’t associate the space with anything other than a placeholder, so I’d say it’s a perfect place for me to work from.

So scout your room and find a little corner. This will be your sacred working space. If you have a living, you can set up shop there. I noticed that living rooms rarely get used on a daily basis.

3. Eradicate Distractions

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the office or at home, you need to eradicate distractions. I suggest installing the Focus app and block all websites that quickly eat up your time.

Next is keep your gadgets away from plain sight. I simply put it inside my bag, and the results are massive. When I get a jolt of looking up something, the mere thought of opening up my bag and reaching for it, helps me remove the twitch.

If you need to have deep work, you can also disconnect the router to remove internet connection. If you need to look up something, just put it down on your notes. I usually find myself researching and five minutes after, watching Coffee YouTube videos. Then my thirty minutes is done.

Are you a solopreneur? I know that working in cafes every day will take its toll and the costs pile up. But think of it as an investment to your business. Treat it as lease to your office space.

But if you really have to work from home remember to dress up, find a dedicated workspace, and eradicate distractions. It’s not impossible to work from home, but it’s harder than going to a dedicated workspace. There’s also an advantage of not having to pay for food and drinks that you don’t want to consume.

Talk to you soon my friend.

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