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Letter sent on Jul 26, 2017

How To Write A $1,500 Resume In 90 Minutes

I hate getting ignored by employers.

Nothing sucks more than applying for numerous jobs and hearing back from none of them. It’s kind infuriating after a while, I know.
Is it a problem with you, though?
Of course not! It’s probably an issue with your resume, which college conveniently chose to leave out of your education.
You know the best way to get back at them, though?
Become irresistable. Have so many employers desperate to hire you that you can demand YOUR salary and hours.
This reality is closer than you think — all you need is the education.
So I’ve been experimenting a bit with Skillshare lately and it turns out they have a plethora of classes that’ll help you write your resume.
Davis Jones (co-founder of career acceleration platform Eazl) created a 90-minute course designed to help you write a “$1,500 resume.”
 It sounds like a gift from the heavens, right? That’s because it is.
 The course is packed with 33 mini lessons that go over:

  • How to describe internship experiences.
  • Beating resume robots (they’re out there).
  • Framing yourself as the company’s answer.
  • Writing bullet points that convert skeptics into believers.

They’re literally a bunch of videos complete with exciting animations so you don’t get bored (finally) and stay engaged.
The best part is you can get it right now without paying anything.
You need a Premium membership with Skillshare to access the course, and I have a special deal that’ll give you two months of it for free.
If you head over there, a little banner will pop down when you arrive on the site. All you have to do is click and follow instructions.
If you’re not looking to stick with Skillshare afterward, just enter in your financial information and set a reminder on your phone to cancel when the trial is up.
So get over there and get yourself a complimentary two months of unlimited access to all of Skillshare’s 16,000+ courses, you’ll be surprised how awesome it is (as I was).
 Have a great rest of your week!
 Tom Kuegler
 Editor of the Post-Grad Survival Guide

 PS — Skillshare is a partner of mine. If you decide to sign up for a complimentary trial through the links above, I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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