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How Your Lack Of Purpose Contributes to Your Burnout

Could Your Purpose Involve Experiencing Your Essential Wholeness?

Life never follows our plans, does it?

It doesn’t matter how detailed your plan, or how long you have been working on it, or how organized — one day life is going to throw you a curve ball.

If you don’t know why, or how to use this curve ball, you will be headed for burnout.

Burnout is the ultimate expression of not living your purpose.

“Burnout is nature’s way of telling you, you’ve been going through the motions your soul has departed; you’re a zombie, a member of the walking dead, a sleepwalker. “— Sam Keen

Most people, whether they consciously recognize this or not, are searching for their purpose.

The interesting truth is, experiencing our essential wholeness is the true purpose for all of us.

Some people think that their purpose is to be happy.

This misperception can lead to a lot of suffering.

So much of our life experiences are about contrast: dark and light, heavy and light, up and down.

We learn so much about wholeness by experiencing contrasts.

So to pick happiness as a purpose would exclude unhappiness, or sadness.

We can’t eliminate contrast.

So trying to be happy all the time leads to addictive behavior and/or denial.

When we aim for experiencing wholeness as a purpose we can embrace ALL our life experiences.

This means we can say “yes” to life, and flow with circumstances as they emerge.

Flowing with life is so much easier than trying to paddle the canoe upstream.

Burnout comes from going against the flow. It is exhausting.

“Burnout occurs when your body and mind can no longer keep up with the tasks you demand of them. Don’t try to force yourself to do the impossible. Delegate time for important tasks, but always be sure to leave time for relaxation and reflection.” — Del Suggs

Fulfillment is the opposite of burnout.

Fulfillment is an expression of wholeness.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Full and whole are basically the same thing.

We have so many opportunities to experience our essential wholeness available to us now, and we’re more connected to the world, thanks to the internet.

Yet, despite having the access to the world at our fingertips, so many of us are still filled with disappointment and living unfulfilled lives.

Your living conditions may have improved, but your needs are not really being met.

With all the improved conditions that we experience, we still face financial problems.

Many are still working longer hours.

Most of us are trying to balance family, work, and friends.

Then, there’s the problems with the environmental and all the social/cultural/political issues that we face.

With so much of your happiness tied to the circumstances of your life, and your inability to change so much of the external world, how will you ever find happiness?

You won’t.

“It is impossible to control outcomes or results, although most of us have been programmed from a very young age to believe otherwise. The idea that we can perform actual ‘magic’ causes tremendous dysfunction, unnecessary suffering and prevents the development of emotional resilience.” — Christopher Dines

Could you consider shifting your purpose from trying to be happy to embracing your wholeness?

When you experience your whole self you will find fulfillment.

Then you allow your experiences to be your life plan.

You use those experiences as a guide into deeper wholeness.

Yes, you will experience disappointments, you will go through periods of pain, and you will have heartache and heartbreak.

When you learn how to use those experiences to move into deeper experiences of wholeness they are less stressful.

Instead of rowing upstream, you are in the flow of life.

Every choice that you make is an invitation. An invitation to navigate your life in a way that honors your wants, needs, and who you are as a person.

Those choices should align with your core values, and if you don’t know what those are, if you don’t know what your purpose is, then it is difficult to do that.

Life is full of challenging experiences.

When you focus on experiencing your essential wholeness you don’t have to control life.

When you intend every day to experience wholeness and fulfillment, you feel willing to embrace new experiences and go out of your way to learn something new each day.

This intention embraces growth and you will evolve as a person.

If not, the victim mentality may have a grip on you. If that is the case, you are unlikely to ever experience fulfillment. Read what you can do about that here:

At certain points in your life, you can look back and see that all of these experiences were crucial, perhaps necessary, in helping shape who you are as a person.

This knowledge opens the door to fulfillment, and freedom from burnout.