I Actually Get More Done When I Have More Tasks

In recent weeks I’ve taken on a load of tasks. Among these are:

  • Coaching wrestling part-time.
  • Putting 40 hours in at work.
  • Running this publication.
  • Planning a trip to the Caribbean for the spring.

It’s honestly a lot. I’m probably working close to 60 hours per week, and the addition of my old-man body to the brutal wrestling practices makes it hard to keep up.

But somehow I have.

I used to struggle to work 40 hours per week. Call it laziness, or a mild form of ADHD, but that’s how it was.

However in the last few weeks I’ve played “up” to my competition a bit. As more tasks loaded on to my plate, I started to metaphorically eat twice as fast.

My productivity skyrocketed!

Now, I can’t possibly go on like this forever. In March or April I plan to leave for a very long trip to the islands. I’ll stop coaching, work less, and enjoy the sun.

Maybe that’s why I’m so eager to write up a storm, but maybe that’s exactly what you need, too! A goal to work towards. The promise of a break from it all.

But most of all I think I was just misusing my time before. When I have more to do, every minute counts. I’ve now planned my day out by the hour.

When you have less time, you start valuing it that much more.

Maybe you can find some success with these same ideas. I hope so!

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