Here’s The First Post-Grad Survival Guide Magazine

Here’s what’s inside.

Ever notice there aren’t magazines for college graduates?

What gives?

Forbes is cool and all, but I hardly ever feel it speaks to me.

I always imagined some perfect 30-something guy plucked from a GQ cover in a slim suit reading it, not some paranoid college graduate.

So I set out to fix that.

Below you’ll find a summary about what’s contained in the first ever Post-Grad Survival Guide magazine. And it’s free.

It’s 26 pages and contains a boatload of stuff — like two interviews I conducted with a Career Coach and a Canadian Entrepreneur.

They give some pretty sick advice for finding work, what it takes to survive, and how to start your own business. You need to read it!

Without further ado, I introduce to you the feature story.

Skin In The Game: An Interview With Career Coach Jason Barber

Imagine interviewing 400 people in one month.

Heck, imagine doing anything 400 times in one month.

Like cooking a steak.

At the end of thirty days you’ll probably be able to cook a Gordon-Ramsay-worthy steak, right?

I mean, that’s 13 steaks a day. You get my point.

The man featured below interviewed 400 candidates in one month. By the end of this “hell month” he made offers to 98 people. That’s absolutely insane. Most HR departments hire 60 people in a year.

It turns out he knows A LOT about finding a job. Who knew? The guy only worked as a Recruiting Manager for six years — seeing the worst of the worst from college graduates everywhere.

“I used to visit colleges and recruit students to come and work for me at Physassist. And there was just a level of delusion that I have never seen in my life.”

That hurts to hear, but it’s also something we need to listen to.

His astounding insights are why I made him the feature story in the first edition of the Post-Grad Survival Guide Magazine.

It’s because his perspective is vital for college graduates.

“Nobody needs this information more than recent college grads, because college grads have been sold the bill of goods. That if you go to school, you get a degree, and with your diploma they’re going to give you a job offer for $70,000 a year with full benefits, etc., it’s just not reality.”

To Jason, life isn’t as easy as many graduates think after college.

Why You Need To Read This Story

Jason gave me a method for finding a job that quite frankly I’ve never heard of before. It doesn’t depend on the digital world at all. In fact, it revolves around a simple mailing strategy that requires a little more work, but WILL pay off big time. “You should get 2–3 job offers, guaranteed,” he says.

Hey, he’s the one who hired 98 people in one month. I trust him.

Click here to download the magazine and read his 5-page story. You’ll also get a free ebook titled “14 Resume Mistakes You Need To Avoid,” written by Top Writers on Quora.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Philip Curley / Hotspot

Now, I want you to imagine dropping out of college.

Yeah, that’s something I thought about, too.

Imagine dropping out of college to start a business in an industry you have no experience in.

It’s kind of like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute, right?

That’s exactly what Canadian entrepeneur Phillip Curley did.

Phillip created a parking application with zero experience in coding. What pushed him to suddenly make the jump?

“One entrepreneur told me ‘if you want to be an entrepreneur you have to start today, you have to think about what are some of the problems facing the world and just get started.’ So I actually took that to heart pretty well.”

To Phillip, the simple decision to get started is one many don’t make.

“You don’t get struck by lightning and just start. That’s something people don’t realize.”

Why You Need To Read This Story

Lessons on Strategy. Phillip reveals the path he took from the early days of the app until now (5 years later), and SO MUCH has changed.

He has a lot of great advice for entrepreneurs, like the importance of staying agile, creative, and to actually not listen to “experts” as much as everyone tells you to.

Click here to download the magazine and read his 4-page story.

Why Make It Free?

This is a 26-page magazine. It easily took me at least 60 hours to create, and to be honest it was hard for me to give away for free.


Packed inside are INCREDIBLE insights from experts about finding a job and starting companies. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I started creating this. BUT after I spent an hour and a half on the phone with Jason Barber, I felt as if I got struck by lightning.

He dropped so many valuable pieces of advice off for me that I needed to share it with you all.

What Else Is Included?

Well, I wrote a five-page story about Medium!

Contained inside are four secret strategies I’ve used to create a successful publication. I’ve actually never talked about them before, so if you want to find success on Medium (not just publishing on here), my article will show you the way.

Also included is a mystery guest post written by someone who’s been with the Guide since the beginning..

What Can We Expect From The Magazine Now?

Fantastic question.

More of the same, with extra emphasis on the “More.”

Most full-size magazines have at least 100 pages with 40–50 of them being ads. I want to bring you more content, honestly.

Every issue WILL have an interview with both a career expert and an entrepeneur. Most college graduates are clueless about best practices to land not just a job, but a dream job. I want to help with that.

Some people graduate and find out the corporate world isn’t for them and they want to start their own business. I want to help with that, also.

SOME, still, have both a career and a side-hustle. By working both sides of the aisle, I’m able to serve up fresh content for everybody.

What About The Ebook?

Every month there will be a brand new ebook. And yes, they will be written by Top Writers on Quora.

Next month the ebook will feature answers to the most common interview questions. I already have it squared away, actually.

The ebook will ALWAYS focus on concrete Career tips.

Is It Free?

This issue is, however the next one won’t be. That’s because all of this takes an incredible amount of time. For those who want to get the Magazine, Ebook, and access to a Members-Only Facebook Group, they’ll have to pay $3 per month

Which is really quite cheap when you think about it. It’s less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

The members-only Facebook Page is freakin’ exciting, by the way. Contained inside are all the Top Writers from the first ebook along with Jason Barber.

They’re experts!

Experts waiting to answer your questions. And new ones will be added every month. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

You can get all this by becoming a patron here.

Look for more info on The Post-Grad Survival Guide Magazine over the next few days. I hope you read, and more importantly, become a patron!



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