It All Starts From “I Quit”

“I Quit.”

Such a satisfying two words to say.

A declaration of independence.

A sentence with zero bullshit.

A statement you’ve been wanting to say for a long time.

A decision that testing unfamiliar waters — however dangerous it is — is more promising than staying.

Good job.

Not many people get here.

You’ve now dipped your toes into the pool.

Many claim they’ll get in. They’ll yell “CANNONBALL” and run up to the edge before slamming their toes in the concrete to stop.

Not many people have the balls.

So, where do you go from here?

Anywhere. But you have to stick to it.

It won’t be easy at first.

You’ll tread water for a little while before losing it and sinking underneath.

You’ll drop down, looking at the sunlight above wondering why the hell you got yourself into this in the first place.

Then your feet hit the bottom.

A quick push gets you back to the surface so you can try again.

This is the routine.

Constant learning. Constant near-misses.

You’ll want to quit this, too. But don’t.

This is the one thing you shouldn’t ever quit.

Just remember where you came from. Sometimes the greatest things start from “I quit.” Don’t be afraid to say it and chase your dreams.

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