My Little Brother Just Figured Out What He Wants To Do, And It’s Awesome

My little brother wants to go into the Coast Guard. He bought a book called “Basic Training For Dummies,” borrowed “The Finest Hours” from the library, and he’s been testing himself to see how many push-ups he can do in sixty seconds.

Yeah, the bug bit him pretty hard.

And you know what? It’s fucking fantastic to see.

Think about it. My brother just learned about something fascinating. The revelation he had when a family friend of ours suggested the Coast Guard rocked him to his core. He’s obsessing over it.

He’s eating up every bit of information he can. Suddenly the pathways of his life exploded forward and now he’s imaging everything he can do in the next 5, 10, or maybe even 20 years relative to the Coast Guard.

Ever had that happen to you? Where you suddenly imagine your life with someone, or at a particular job, or in a particular place?

I have!

I think it’s important to note the transformation happening to my brother right now. It’s a transformation everyone will likely go through in their lives. The same thing happened to me when I figured out what the heck a travel blog was.

Everything about the Coast Guard lines up with his ideal life.

I think there’s a few things he likes about it. It’s physically exciting, interesting, lends financial stability, and promises to fulfill his goals of serving our country.

He doesn’t feel the tug to travel. He doesn’t want to write any words. He wants to be part of something greater than himself.

To that I say, bravo.

Not everyone is like me, I get it. Not everyone reading the Post-Grad Survival Guide works remotely or wants a remote job so they can travel the world.

The previously unknown to us will become known. We will find out about travel blogging, or the Coast Guard, and get excited about our purpose in an instant. We’ll wonder why we never thought about it until now.

I’m hardly concerned with what’s known to me, I’m concerned with what’s not!

For my brother, he didn’t actually take a look at the Coast Guard until now.

We’re all just one realization away from our purpose.

It’s hardly about the state of limbo you’re in right now, it’s about what you do when you get out of it. And you will get out of it. And you will hit the ground running.

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