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Honestly, why aren’t you writing on LinkedIn?

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“I created my first client from your LinkedIn sprint,” the post started out.

Holy sh*t,’ I thought.

Their post continued:

“Someone commented on my post last week, sent a connection request, and emailed me to ask about coaching. We had a 2 hour conversation on Friday and now they are a client. The ROI on this program went through the roof. Thank you.”

I received this message in my LinkedIn Sprint slack channel yesterday. 👇

A few weeks ago, I blasted out an email to my audience on Medium about how awesome LinkedIn is. Honestly, the response wasn’t anything to write home about.

“How can you even make money on LinkedIn?” writes one Medium User, condescendingly, who makes $2.18 per month on the Partner Program.

“My boss might find out!” writes someone who literally publishes on Medium under a pen name. 👀

“You can’t get email subscribers on LinkedIn!” writes another, who averages 5 new email subscribers per week.

I’ve heard all these excuses, and during the first 10 days of my latest LinkedIn sprint, I’ve seen most of these excuses get absolutely obliterated..

One sprinter got 99 email subscribers from one post, y’all. 👇

Another sprinter got more newsletter subscribers in one day than she did for years on Substack.. 👇

“I am floored. I got 230 subscribers in 14 hours of publishing the first issue of my LinkedIn newsletter. I have been publishing the same newsletter on Substack for 14 months and have only 120 subscribers. All of my efforts no thanks to Substack.”

It’s crazy that many Medium users think Substack is some wonderful platform, while we have this LinkedIn sprinter demolishing a years worth of Substack performance in 1 afternoon.

I honestly don’t know what the problem is…

  1. My copywriting
  2. People aren’t understanding what I’m saying
  3. People just like to keep their head stuck in the sand while making $3.68 per month on Medium

Which one is it?

I understand if you have your reservations about LinkedIn..

But honestly, why not give it a try?

That’s all I’m asking. Just learn a little bit more about it. I have a free LinkedIn course called “How To Write Every Day On LinkedIn For 30 Days” that will at least teach you the basics.

And to those who think LinkedIn is some professional platform ONLY, here’s a post I wrote about having social anxiety that got over 148 likes (left) and a post about living in the Philippines that got 168 likes (right).

Check out the views too. 👀

They had no mention of corporations, teams, leadership, the great resignation, or anything like that.

Just me being honest.

That was good enough for LinkedIn.

I generated 13,000 views with two posts. When’s the last time you did that with two articles on Medium?

Look, this isn’t an ad for my LinkedIn Sprint. This is an ad for LINKEDIN in general. I’m trying to help you. So many people were surprised by just how useful LinkedIn was for them — and for whatever reason so many Medium writers can’t seem to get on board.

All I’m saying is, you’re kind of getting left in the dust, and I don’t want that to happen.

Take that next step with me.

Take my free LinkedIn course, “How To Write Every Day On LinkedIn For 30 Days.” I promise you’ll learn something valuable!!



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