Some People Will Never See Your Value, And That’s Okay

Every day we walk amongst the masses of the world without saying a word.

Sometimes we stop and converse with a cashier, or a waitress.

Sometimes our friends bring people along and we converse with them, too.

Sometimes we meet our real friends for Dinner, or Lunch, or something else because we want to.

We don’t want much part of the rest, though.

A lot of people I meet don’t want to talk to me. They get bored. I remember the conversations I used to have on Tinder and some of them made me want to vomit.

I remember when hiring managers would look at their phone in the middle of my interview.

I still get letters back from companies saying I’m not a good fit for that content writing job.

Does that mean I’m not valuable, though?

Because somebody doesn’t see us for us, does it mean we’re worthless?

Of course not. Are you kidding me? People are fucking blind. Just take a quick drive on the highway and you’ll see that pretty quickly.

We’re giving people way too much credit.

I dated a girl last summer for a bit. It never materialized into much because I could tell she had eyes for other people. She didn’t see me for me.

She didn’t value what I had to offer. Didn’t read anything I wrote. Wasn’t interested in anything I said. She just wanted to feel wanted.

We don’t deserve that shit to be honest.

We deserve to be seen for everything that we are.

I just wanted to make it crystal clear that some people will never be able to see your value. It doesn’t matter how much you talk to them, hang out with them, or try.

My mother will never eat a rare steak in her life. She just won’t. She’s not adventurous enough and cares way too much about it being safe to eat.

She’ll never be able to appreciate it because she doesn’t have eyes for it.

What I’m trying to say is she’s blind to how good a rare steak can be.

It’s funny, but just how that’s true, it’s also true of how people view US.

Some people won’t appreciate the words you write, or your compassion, or your willingness to sacrifice for others.

And that’s okay.

Move on. Keep being the best you can be. Someone will come along and appreciate you soon enough.

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