Sorry, Traveling Isn’t Going To Make You A Better Person

“A flatlay of a magnifying glass, a cup of coffee, cameras, photos and various travel items on a map” by ian dooley on Unsplash

It’s a helluva far cry from what these travel instagrammers make us believe traveling should be (mine’s below).

That Beautiful Bali Instagram Feed Is The Problem

Sure I rented a scooter and learned how to drive it and acted like all the locals do but what was it doing to me?

As Travelers, We’re Valuing All The Wrong Things

All this stuff is fantastic, but we’re expecting THIS to be the stuff that enlightens us. We’re going to come away from this trip changed and with a bunch of memories because we’re going to see that place or stay in that villa.

Adversity enlightens us more than anything else.

Traveling is one of the most adversity-filled things you can do. Everything is new.

You get tired, hungry, stuck in airports for days (literally), and you start appreciating the smallest of things like any kind of AC unit. Or cheeseburgers. Or driving on a road where you don’t feel like you could crash into 50 scooters at any given moment.

That 24-hour day in the airport will, though. Almost crashing your scooter 3 times in 2 hours will. Sleeping in a room with no AC out in the hot Philippine countryside will (which I loved even though I was uncomfortable).

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