Spend Time With Your Parents, And Leave The Pretty Girls At The Bar

I’ve spent way too much time away from my parents.

In high school I was constantly out with my girlfriend. In college I lived away from home on campus. And when I graduated I immediately moved to Florida.

So stupid.

Not realizing that my time with them is limited.

I’m not saying to delay chasing your dreams…but..keep reading.

I just got back home three weeks ago, and I’ve been thinking about leaving to live in Salt Lake City after Christmas. There’s a girl I met, okay?

Then I realized I’d be doing just what I’ve lamented in the past. There’s nothing stopping me from buying a few plane tickets and re-evaluating come Spring.

The point is that when I’m old one day, I’ll be happy I spent time with them.

I can fall in love whenever I want, and for now I’ll stay put and bide my time.

Right now, especially for recent graduates, time with your parents is precious. It needs to be treated that way.

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