“Step Up” your game!

When it comes to personal presentation and overall social status, there is one simple act we can perform which will take our game from like a 5.5 to a 12 instantly!


Seriously this is it. It may sound slightly humorous, but in all honesty shining your shoes symbolizes 3 crucial points.

  1. You take pride in your appearance and self-image.
  2. You don’t neglect the little things.
  3. You are willing and able to put in the extra work.

Each of these qualities are not only desirable but also necessary today.

Also, believe me when I say people notice! It makes a difference to potential mates and employers. In addition it shows friends and loved ones you went the extra mile.

Here’s the kicker.. shining your shoes is SO easy! Really its almost stupid how simple it is. Think about this, you wash all your other clothes after wearing them, why not do the same with shoes?

Here’s a video showing you how simple it really is:

Taking care of your shoes is such a small yet simple act that can have potential massive impact on those around you. Try it once, see what a difference it will make!

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-Fred Posimo

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