The Most Important Way to Chase Your Dreams (Part II)

The Last System You Will Ever Use Countinued…

Last week, I started this very long story about how the best way to chase our dreams is to have a system and that system starts with a journal. As I have been using this system myself for the last two years, I have found it particularly helpful in chasing my dreams. And I want to share it with you.

If you missed the previous story, start with it before continuing on:

The last story was the set up. This one is about putting it all together and taking the journey down the path of seeing our dreams come true. In this story, you will find out weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reviews of your dreams, life plan, and goals help us see our dreams come true.

№6 — Weekly Reviews

This is where we really begin to see how we are making progress on our dreams. In the short term, it can be a little more difficult. This is the driving part in making progress in your dreams.

Every week, you should do a weekly reivew. During this time, you start with reading your dreams, life plan, and goals. And then you look at your progress on your specific goals for the month.

After completing your read through, you answer a three simple questions about the previous week:

  1. How did last week go?
  2. Did I accomplish everything I set out to do?
  3. What did I learn from last week?

Then you take a few minutes and plot the course for the upcoming week. You will focus on the following:

  1. One Task a Day: What is one task you can complete every day to help you complete a goal this month.
  2. One to Two Goals for the Month: What are one to two goals you want to accomplish for this month.
  3. Events: What events or appointments do you have happening this week.

And then, you continue on. This helps you keep your dreams, life plan, and goals at the forefront of your mind for the week, allows you to recap the previous week, and helps you set up the next week to help you take action toward your dreams.

№7 — Monthly Reviews

This is more of an extended weekly review time because you not only read your dreams, life plan, and goals for the year. But you also are reviewing the previous month and preparing for the upcoming month.

First you read through your dreams documents. Then you complete your review for your monthly goals and set knew ones. During this time, you reset your calendar and look back at your previous one to see if anything needs to be moved to the current.

Lastly, you update any action steps on your life plan which you have completed during the previous month. This way, you can see what has happened and know you are making progress.

№8 — Quarterly Reviews

These are the long term reviews which help you see the strides you are making toward your dreams. In these reviews, you are looking back to see what has been completed and looking forward to what you can do to move closer and closer to your dreams.

This is a time when you may need to set aside half a day to complete this review. It is far more in-depth than you monthly review. And it takes a little more time to plot the course of your next three months.

  1. Read Your Dream, Life Plan, and Annual Goals.
  2. Review Your Life Plan Action Steps: Did You Complete Them?
  3. Update Your Current Reality: Update your currently reality section on your life plan to where you are now.
  4. Reset Your Life Plan Action Steps: What do you want to complete this quarter?
  5. Commit to Complete: Commit to completing at least one to two annual goals for the next quarter.

№9 — Annual Review

This is the time you complete your entire review of the previous year and start preparing your next year. This is a day long process. And it sounds intense, because it is. During this time you will see real progress to completing your goals.

Your annual review will look like this:

  1. Again, re-read your Dreams, Life Plan, and Goals.
  2. Did you see a dream come true? If so, what was it? Record how you feel, what happened, and what it took to see it come true.
  3. What dreams haven’t come true? Write down how you feel about it. Also, record why these dreams didn’t come true this year.
  4. Update your dreams list. Keep a record of dreams which have come true and then consider and update what knew dreams you want to chase. I have found that when a dream comes true, more dreams are born.
  5. Update your life plan. For me, I update my life plan from the ground up. Sometimes over a year, some things about my future life change and so I need to reset the entire document. And sometimes just a few sections.
  6. Create new goals. In this section, you will keep goals which you have completed as a record, but start creating knew goals for the year using the same system shared before.
  7. Bring it all together. Bring your dreams, life plan, and goals together into one document and prepare to see more dreams come true.

№10 — Commit

I have heard of people, writing a contract with themselves commuting to seeing their dreams come true. Others will pray over the dreams, life plan, and goals to commit them to God. And other still will just write down, “I commit to seeing my dreams come true on the last page of the plan.”

Whatever you decide to do, you need to commit. You need to commit to reviewing weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. And you will need to commit to take actions every day toward your dreams.

Otherwise, you will not see them come true. And this will all be for not.

Is this practice of reviewing regularly part of your life? If so, how do you do it? If not, does this sound helpful? Share in the responses below.