The Screenwriter Of My Favorite Disney Movie Emailed Me

But that was just the start of it..

I don’t normally get starstruck — but that’s mostly because I’ve never had an opportunity to be.

I don’t roam around LA spotting random celebrities along the way. I mean, I’ve only been there twice.

Up until recently I’ve lived a pretty mild-mannered life in Baltimore, MD. It wasn’t until last June when I went on a cross-country road trip that things changed.

Consequently, It was writing about said road trip that landed me a contributor role at The Huffington Post, and it was a post about Disney on The Huffington Post that got said screenwriters attention.

In a nutshell, that’s how things played out.

I wrote about the most underrated Disney movies ever, and I put Treasure Planet at the top of that list…which I would soon regret. How soon? About 24 hours later.

It was then that an email from Rob Edwards popped up in my inbox.

I didn’t know who the guy was, but judging by what he actually wrote in the email it became excrutiatingly apparent that he was, in fact, the writer of my favorite Disney movie of all time — Treasure Planet.

This is the guy who wrote monologues that I can recite by memory. This is the guy responsible for words that inadvertently played an integral part of my childhood.

No matter how many big terms (like inadvertently and excrutiatingly) I throw at you, I’ll never be able to explain how awesome this was.

I never even received my degree in English or Journalism. I still hadn’t reached my 1-year anniversary of writing on the internet yet!

He told me he liked my article, and since I raved about Treasure Planet like the biggest fanboy imaginable, he told me I could speak with him anytime.

It took me about an hour of heavy breathing in the fetal position to even comprehend what was happening. I emailed him back straight away and set up a time to speak — the dialogue of which I would use to craft an article.

The whole day before the interview I was sweating bullets. The hours passed by until finally it was time for me to call — and I did with a heart that I swear had never beat so fast before in my life.

After a few rings a kind voice answered the phone. It was him.

This was probably one of the coolest moments of my life.

It wasn’t awkward at all. I was a little nervous, but I was so interested in speaking with him that I knew just what I wanted to say.

Thirty minutes into our conversation I managed to only ask him one question. I just kept branching off of stuff he was telling me.

We talked about movies, Disney, and how he knew Will Smith (he wrote Fresh-Prince for a while). We talked about how he met with the guys who directed Finding Nemo and WALL-E.

We talked for so long that an hour and a half went by in a flash.

After having boring ass conversations (sorry, it’s true) with people from my hometown about cars and girls, it was fun to talk about something substantial with Robert.

We talked about stories, and meaning, and how movies ARE the most important things in both of our lives.

I realized that a lot of my friend base was useless after that. I realized successful people don’t talk about cars and girls — they talk about projects, and inspiration, and what they’re working on.

Before I knew it our conversation was over.

Guys, I really believe — if we’re lucky — that there’s a handful of moments in our lives that are just as good as a dream. Where we get to interact with someone we have deep respect and admiration for — who has achieved fame and fortune.

After getting slammed with $80k in student debt, and not making any more than $450 per week after taxes, it felt incredible to speak to someone on the other side.

To know that a better life is possible.

Something about speaking with Robert made that belief more tangible than it had ever been for me. I think it’s something not many people get to experience. I was thankful I got to.

I’ll never forget that fateful day an email from my favorite screenwriter appeared in my inbox. Of all the people in the world he wanted to speak with, he chose to email me. How incredible.

You can read my finished article about him here.



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