An Essay On Workplace Proximity

Most of us have an ideal work space where we can work freely with full concentration and minimum disturbance, but this type of cubicle working is not appreciated much in the startup community.

I had a wonderful time exploring various things in startups, this was one bit that I found totally different with the corporations and MNC’s. We as workers could work freely, sit anywhere and initiate a conversation with anyone, most of the time the conversation turned into a debate and a learning session for others as well.

The most important thing I learnt from this experience was ‘How to listen’. Usually I listened to reply as in even when the other person was talking, I would be comprehending an answer in my mind.

But once I started listening properly, I understood that unless and until one completely gets what the speaker says, do not try to reply and never hear just to reply.


Sometimes the conversation might lead to silly jokes, stupid analogies and sometimes brilliant ideas. But it was never boring, the level of intellect was so good that sometimes I felt out of place.

But I was always welcomed in, no matter how silly or insignificant or childish my arguments were (and mind you most of the times it was either silly or childish) and appreciated when I make a good point. This appreciation sort of worked for me as a positive feedback loop helping me pitch in more and more.

The next thing I learned was ‘ The Power of Delegating’.

Every single person whoever wants to lead must have this skill. My mindset was such that even the smallest task which I wanted done would be done by myself, felt sort of proud about that.

But the one thing I did not notice was the time I wasted on doing unproductive meaningless tasks whereas I would always have pending works. This sort of made me ‘the guy who starts everything but never finishes’.

Often someone else would have to finish it for me or I would do a mediocre version of the task just because of two things; not understanding the power of delegation and laziness (inherent quality of mine)

But I understood that I lacked the trust (trusting others to do it)necessary for the delegation. Once I overcame that, life has definitely been much better.

Shout out for help

This is same in the case of any company, startup, corporate or otherwise. Help will be given only if you ask for it (also you must deserve it, don’t go crying around asking for help for everything).

Also, I got to visit some very beautiful places during my time !!
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