Things to Learn from a Gen Xer

My generation is the one that came before you did. We were called the MTV Generation and are one of the smallest in comparison to ones that came before and after us.

Older people thought we were full of angst and labeled us troubled slackers whose heavy metal music drove kids to suicide.

I remember is like it was yesterday, a much publicized lawsuit claimed Ozzy Osbourne lyrics told us to commit suicide.

Oh the insanity of the 80’s.

Eventually we grew up, got jobs and joined the workforce.

But not before we learned a few things.

Take life as it comes

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -”


Change happens very fast and most of the time you will be helpless to stop it. Everything from technology to family to work will not be the same as it is today. Do not stress out over it. Learn how to adjust to your new surroundings.

You may get laid off, have your business go bankrupt, or go through a dramatic family change.

I remember getting fired because of a mistake I made. I was SHOCKED because I thought I did exactly as I was told to. I was working overnight shift doing data restorations for a small company. My manager gave me instructions to ship a hard drive Fed Ex to a client. I did exactly as told but when the customer received the drive it was blank. Needless to say I was let go the next day. I fought for my job but it fell on deaf ears.

I was very very angry but knew I needed to rebound quick to get another job. I was able to hustle and pick up some contract work here and there until full time work came.

Develop your soft skills

Many people concentrate much more on learning a skill or perfecting their craft. But communicating, learning how to get along with people and being good at making a presentation are extremely ESSENTIAL in navigating not just a job but also life.

I have seen countless times people getting promotions when they were not the best person for the job. But they got along with everyone, was an eloquent speaker or an excellent communicator.

Embrace adventure

Life gets boring day in and day out during your daily routine. Don’t be afraid to seek adventure and spontaneity.

Years ago I flew to to California to visit a childhood friend of mine from New York. He was living in Los Angeles at the time working for his uncle. After a couple of days there he suggested we go see a Navy buddy of his in San Diego. I was all for it and was excited to visit.

Next thing I know we are standing on the side of I-5 with our thumbs out hitching a ride. Yes we hitchhiked down the state of California. It was a very memorable adventure and I had a blast while doing it.

Now I do not recommend hitchhiking but I hope you get the point.

Everything happens for a reason

No matter what happens to you throughout your life there is a reason why most of the time. It may not be clear why it is happening but most of the time it leads you to a different path.

When I moved to Florida 4 years ago I took a test for a IT job along with 50–100 people. I knew I aced the test and in fact scored the highest of anyone taking it. I flew down from Atlanta for the interview and believed that I did an awesome job with the two guys I met with. My confidence was through the roof and I was mentally packing my bags and planning my trip after I got the job.

A week later I was notified that I did not get the position and was CRUSHED.

I ran through every scenario I could think of as to why I did not get the job. I must have played the interview in my head hundreds and hundreds of times.

It took months for me to shake it off and stop obsessing about it.

Almost a year later I finally got a job and relocated to Florida making a lot more money than I would have if I got the job I aced the test on.

Although I did not know it at the time that previous position was not in the cards for me. I am thankful all the time about that decision.

Nothing in life is guaranteed. You are all going to have different circumstances and decisions to make in the future. Don’t get too caught up if things do not go your way or as you planned. Just do your best to try and roll with the punches.



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Thomas Davis

Thomas Davis


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