This Company Makes Tutoring Affordable, And You Should Get In On It

Unraveling the MAJOR problem in the Tutoring Industry

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“The truth is that ultra high-end tutoring companies have lost sight of whom their clients are — primarily teenagers trying to get into the best college possible.”
-Alex Mallory

What’s wrong with tutoring companies these days? If you’re anything like me you didn’t even know there was a problem in the first place. In a word, the problem is profits. Lots and lots of profits.

Alex Mallory from the Huffington Post writes,

“Academic tutoring rates in major metropolitan areas frequently run from $200 to $700 per hour.”

Excuse me, what?

It’s egregious that some parents pay through the nose just to help their child get a “B” in Algebra instead of a “C”. And what’s worse? Many of these companies employ the best of the best — tutors with Master’s Degrees and a Ph.D.

Where do you, the young readers of the Post-Grad Survival Guide come in?

One second.

Let’s ask, do children NEED someone with a Master’s Degree to help with their Math homework?

I’ll let Alex Mallory answer that question.

“It’s unlikely that an M.B.A. actuary will more effectively help a high school freshman turn his geometry grade from a C to a B than a twenty-something tutor who has some teaching experience and a degree in mathematics from a top under-graduate institution.”

With that said, I’ll introduce you to HeyTutor.

Meet The Antidote

“I’ve witnessed first hand how brand name tutoring companies are raking in profits by paying qualified tutors minimum wage, and charging 4–5x that amount to struggling students who need help. Last year, my partner and I, Skyler Lucci, set out to fix this problem.”

It seems like some sort of conspiracy theory hearing what Ryan Neman, Founder of HeyTutor, has to say.

HeyTutor is a tutoring company placing affordability for students at the forefront of their business. End users don’t have to pay $200 to $700 per hour. In fact, the average rate with HeyTutor is $40–$50 per hour.

If you look closely, there’s a problem on both ends. One, qualified tutors aren’t getting paid what they need, and two, tutoring companies are charging students outrageous amounts of money for an hours worth of time.

HeyTutor seeks to fix those problems for tutors AND students.

Why You Should Get In On It

“Over 2000 tutors have already applied to join HeyTutor in just 5 months.”

Ryan gave me a ton of reasons why it’s a great idea for recent graduates to become a tutor. I thought his insights would be of particular use to this audience here at The Post-Grad Survival Guide. These are his own words.

  1. Recent graduates have a competitive advantage over older tutors. Most older tutors are unfamiliar with new curriculum and subjects such as common core.
  2. Each tutor has the flexibility to pick and choose when they want to work, and what students they want to work with.
  3. Not qualified in all subjects? That’s fine. Pick and choose exactly what subjects you can tutor (from math, to the SAT, to yoga), and you’ll only receive inquiries for those subjects.
  4. Great pay. Average rate is $40-$50 per hour.
  5. Teach a variety of subjects. Musical instruments, athletics, languages, and even computer programming are included alongside standard academic subjects.
  6. Nothing to lose. The absolute worst case scenario is spending 5–10 minutes creating a profile.

So, it’s perfect for recent graduates who need a little cash on the side while they look for steady work. They’re qualified for it, make great money, and it’s better than putting miles on your car driving for Uber.

HeyTutor’s History

“We are currently in LA and NY. We have plans to expand to Chicago, Houston, San Jose / San Francisco, and San Diego this coming school year.”

HeyTutor started up last year, but Ryan and Skyler have seen incredible growth since then.

According to Ryan, more than 2,000 tutors signed up in a matter of months. This blew the numbers from his old tutoring company, Premier Tutoring, out of the water.

Premier Tutoring brought on 850 tutors over the last 4 years in over 20 cities.”

That sure is an accomplishment for Ryan, who’s been in the tutoring business for over five years, but it’s nothing compared to HeyTutor’s journey so far.

“I would say that the most valuable lesson learned from my experience was how to run a service business and keep your customers happy,” Ryan says. “Each student holds expectations for their tutor to be punctual, qualified, and experienced.”

And, in the case of HeyTutor, affordable!

HeyTutor’s Future (Why You Should Sign Up, Part 2)

HeyTutor was founded by someone who’s been there, and done that.

Premier Tutoring, Ryan’s previous company, is working full-force in 20 cities. Ryan’s experience paired with HeyTutor’s already explosive growth spells good times ahead for those who want to be a part of it.

Here’s what Ryan has planned.

“We’re finishing up our mobile site and getting ready to hit the market full force this coming Fall,” Ryan begins. They’re just making some last-minute adjustments before the big push.

The big push? Ryan plans to ramp up marketing in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, and Houston come September. That means anyone living in these cities are sure to see a tangible return from creating a profile right now.

Our plans for the future aside from private tutoring is to help provide scholarships to college students, provide free assessment materials for all general subjects, and even host webinars for subjects that all students are being neglected of learning in school (mortgages, taxes, budgeting, etc.).

That last sentence sounds like something I needed in college. Heck, I’ll probably tune in when they get that rolling.

Ryan and the team also plans to launch a program called HeyTutor Pro, a tool designed for parents who want tutors chosen for them.

“HeyTutor Pro is geared towards the not so tech-savvy parent, or anyone that doesn’t want to waste time contacting and interviewing tutors. Parents or students can pay a one time fee of $40, in which they will get a designated HeyTutor representative to handpick a tutor for them.”

It’s still in the proofing stages, but it’s an awesome idea for those who want less of a hassle.

HeyTutor is designed for a different kind of tutor — recent graduates, in particular. I thought I’d share yet another resource that will help you make money, build experience, and even help you make real connections with students who need help.

Sign up to be a tutor, or find a tutor, right here.

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