This Is Who We Are At The Post-Grad Survival Guide

A few days ago I asked you all to fill out a survey for me. While I’m still gratefully accepting submissions, I learned a lot about who WE are here at the Post-Grad Survival Guide.

I did this because I wanted to know what kind of employers would find our audience useful. I had to answer questions like:

  • What industry we’re looking for work in
  • Where we’re all from
  • Whether we would be willing to re-locate.

I now have answers to many of these questions. I wanted to share them with you because, well, who doesn’t like learning a little more about themselves? Let’s dig in.

We weren’t kidding when we said “Post-Grad.” Furthermore, 34% of us are 24 and younger, making us quite the bunch of spring chickens — erm, so to speak.

A few more of our majors include Geography, Electrical Engineering, Math, Mechanical Engineering, Spanish, Anthropology, Psychology, and Law.

That’s a pretty diverse set of interests/talents, right? So far we know that we are tech-inclined, and want to work largely in marketing/communications. I would expect nothing more, since Medium is a site revolving around the written word. But how do I explain tech?

For those who use Medium, it’s no secret that much of the subject matter we consume is based on tech, software, and computers in general. I blame that on Medium being based out of San Francisco, California.

Additional Quick Facts

More than half of those aged 27 and below required $25k — $40k for their yearly salary.

That answers a lot of the broad strokes questions, but there’s still one I’ve been itching to reveal…

Where The Heck Are We From?

I was both stunned and excited when I realized that. At The Post-Grad Survival Guide, we’ve managed to bring together a community of different people from all over the world. How exciting!

I will say that most of the PSGS followers in America reside in either Los Angeles or The Bay Area. California keeps reppin!

Ahh, the UK. Thank you for being awesome. Besides London, we have a ton of other people from all over the world, including:

So there we are. This is us at the Post-Grad Survival Guide. A collection of different and talented people from all over the world. Thank-you for being a part of it as we grow past 2,000, 3,000, and maybe even 10,000 followers one day. Keep an eye out for that job board.

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