This is why I ditch the Gym and started 2018 eating at McDonalds

Every year, thousands of gyms in the world get ready for their busiest month in the year. Different than other retail business, gyms don’t really care about the Christmas season, what they focus is in the after Christmas season, specially the month of January.

But why?

Same as any other retal business, gyms focus their marketing strategy on human emotion. If you buy those high heels is mostly because you like them, but as well because you want to project a certain image to others and to yourself, correct?

Gyms make almost 40% of their yearly revenue in January because two factors:

  • People feel guilty about all the Christmas excesses
  • The beginning of a new year is often advertised in our society as a new beginning and as a moment of change. Here another marketing strategy.

However, as you might know already, by February, 30% of the new members stop attending and by April this number is close to 50%.

This is why, all Gym offers in January will be stronger on the yearly membership, since these businesses know that the January heat will vanish through the following months.

After many years being part of that 50% I realised the reason why people fail on their Personal fitness project every year (and on their New Year’s Eve Resolutions in general) is because it is unrealistic.

The fact that the 1st of January is here doesn’t mean that something magically clicks in your mind and body and suddenly you feel like waking up at 6am and doing 50 jumping jacks.

If you have never done these kind of exercises or barely never put a foot in the Gym, this is not going to work because again it is unrealistic.

What is realistic is finding a purpose. An ultimate reason why you do the things you do. Why in reality do you want to start going to the gym? To be fitter or loose weight, ok, but why would you like to do so?

If the purpose is not deep enough but just a «would like to» then your project is not going to work. And this is the person who started the largest amount of projects and left then after a month, so I know a few things about being constant.

Another reason why your project will fail is because it is not a clear objective. You need to ask yourself: how many KG I want to loose? And in how long? By doing what? Etc. Make your objective clear and achievable.

As you, I would also love being fitter, skinny and prettier but the beginning of the new year sadly it is not going to change my habits from night to day.

Instead of feeling guilty when I wake up the 1st of January with a huge hungover and start thinking about all the things that are missing in my life, I wake up feeling grateful about all the great things that I DO have in my life.

This is why, when I woke up at mid day today I smiled because I woke up next to the person I love. Next thing we did was dressing up and dig our hungover in one euro cheeseburgers and nuggets.

It never felt better.

Happy New Year everyone!

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