To Anyone Who Has A Dream But Isn’t There Yet

The other day I kind of broke down. After writing on Medium every day for the last five months, my blog twice a week for the past year, and Huffington once a week for the past nine months, I was starting to feel a little exhausted.

Everything’s gone so slow for me as a writer. Slower than I thought.

They say travel blogs take about a year to become profitable. I’m almost there without a cent to show for it.

As a freelancer I make pretty much next to nothing.

Oh yeah, I still live with my parents, too.

There’s the checklist for ya’ll, want to run through it yourself? Ugh.

I’m not trying to complain here. I know I’m blessed. I know I grew up well and am living well.

I’m just frustrated as someone who wants a little bit more for their life. But then I read Sarah Wilson’s piece about being a late bloomer, and it made me re-adjust my focus.

We’ve all heard the stories about Oprah being fired from her first job and stuff like that, but to hear Sarah detail her own journey was nice to hear as a struggling creative person.

She’s the author of a New York Times best-seller, by the way.

The truth is we all have dark moments where we want to give up. I had one for about two weeks straight last month. Some people have them for entire years or decades.

And you know what? I’m only 24, anyway.

I feel like I’m halfway through my journey. I feel like I’m right in the middle of the darkest part of the tunnel with all my energy spent and absolutely no clue whether there’s any light on the other side.

I’ve come farther than most, I bet. So many of my friends start a blog and abandon it a few weeks later.

I’ve come so far that I just have to keep pursuit. Maybe it won’t happen on the timeline I thought it would, but I’m going to stick with it anyway.

I feel like Frodo carrying the ring to Mordor or something.

An accurate representation of me at the moment.

But I guess that’s life. It doesn’t feel good until we’ve earned it. The struggle sucks, but it feels just as good when we finally accomplish what we set out for.

It feels like this:

Oh yeah. Creepy-Aragon-smile-good.

So listen here, people.

Success isn’t attained overnight. Somtimes it’s not even attained in a matter of years or decades. And you know what? That’s completely fine.

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