Trust Me, This Tough Time Is Actually Really Good For You

A friend of mine recently finished an internship with one of the best companies in the world.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience from what I can gather, but now she’s looking for work in the fallout of her completed program.

For anyone who’s frantically looked for work at a young age after college, it’s monumentally hard. There’s so much doubt, fear, loneliness, jealousy, etc. that it can easily overwhelm you.

But in reality this is SUCH a good thing to experience. It’s like the pain of pulling out a splinter. It hurts like hell while it’s happening, but in the end it’s necessary.

You Become Grateful

While you’re swimming about in the abyss of employment uncertainty, you’re basically stripped of so many things.

You’re stripped of your confidence, your income, your identity, and your purpose. It’s SUCH a humbling experience.

I’ve gone through this MULTIPLE times in the last two years. I went through it a couple months ago, actually, when a website I worked for went under.

After that I made very little, and when I did I would just be happy to work. I was grateful for the opportunity to even make money.

You also become grateful because you realize work has basically dominated your life the last few months, years, etc. Without anything to do, you begin to think about other things.

Your Priorities Change

When you’re not working, any support that comes your way from family and friends is like drugs or something. There’s a heightened sensitivity to emotion unlike before and you start being thankful for those around you.

We naturally start finding our worth in other things.

It’s like a college athlete who quits their sport or finishes up Senior year. Nothing can fill that void until they start looking for other things! It’s an awkward experience. It sucks at first. But you do find other things.

Think about it, it’s the most creative time of your life! There’s a blank canvas in front of you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what to paint just yet.

Let this time work its magic. After a while the images will begin to dance around in your mind and you’ll suddenly begin.

You’re Calling The Shots, Not Anybody Else

For once in your life you get to map out your path. Isn’t that exciting? In college you had to go to classes. You had to take tests. The most control you had was when you were choosing electives.

Again, creativity is here! Room to breathe is essential for creating the life of your dreams.

Enjoy this time where you don’t have to report to a boss. You have much more control than you know.

Please, Above All Else, Know You’re Worth It!

In case you didn’t know, I write at Huffington now. I STILL get notifications from jobs I applied to saying I’m not qualified or they’re looking for other candidates. Do I know I could do the job well?

You’re damn right I do!

Just because somebody doesn’t want you for the job because they scanned your resume for five seconds DOES NOT mean you can’t do the job.

Hiring Managers are stupid. Recruiters are stupid. The whole hiring process is fucking bogus if you want me to be honest with you.

I, for one, suck at interviews. I couldn’t convince somebody to let me work a popsicle stand. It’s because I write halfway decent that I can PROVE the job is in the right hands.

Don’t feel bad when you get a negative letter back from the HR Department. Just move on. Take it for a grain of salt. Every time you apply, write your resume, or go in for an interview you’re getting better. You won’t stay unemployed forever.

Be Excited For Your Future, Not Sad

One thing I’ve realized in the last two years is that people WILL help you more than you know.

I lived with a good friend of mine in Florida for one year. She gave me a place to stay while I gained my footing.

I did a road trip out West last Summer and stayed with my best friend for two months in San Francisco. I’ll never forget that generosity.

Don’t worry if you think you’ll crumble under the financial pressure. People WILL help you. They’ll come out of the woodwork. It’s insane.

Knowing this, you need to be excited for your future! Have blind faith it’s all going to work out, because sooner or later it will. It may take a couple months, but keep your faith.

All it takes to turn your day around is one email saying they want to interview you! Take your time from there.

Don’t worry about your future. Be excited!

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