Two Questions Every Freelancer and Entrepreneur Must Answer

Specially if you feel stuck, uncertain about what to do next, or in the process of burning out.

1. What is the problem I’m trying to solve?

If you have been trying for a while, I’m sure you’ll manage to write a list of a few problems. After doing that, ask yourself: Is there a market interested in solving those problems? Is any of the issues you are trying to solve for others a priority to them?

2. What is the core objective you have for your job or business?

We work for many good reasons, including being able to get money and ultimately having a good life experience. If we keep working and postponing our satisfaction, if we sacrifice our present time for a better future, we might end up disappointed.

What if you realize you are in a trying cycle?

First of all, do not think that you have lost your time. The process of trying most certainly taught you a lot about yourself, you probably developed some skills, and you certainly got in contact with new people. You might have today more certainly about what you’d like to do to build up your business, and it is likely that you might have a better idea about what the market wants to pay for.

Now is the time to make your investment payback.

Stop the process of “getting prepared” for what’s next. Stop creating more conditions and requisites for your success. Decide and help others solve their challenges with what you’ve got today.

I distrust hope.

As a personal note, I know that hope is supposed to be a positive mindset, but I’m more of the kind of person that agrees with another idea: Hope is a beggar.

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